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Being a country with vibrant colours glittering in each and every corner, standing with pride on an ancient and wonderful history, Sri Lanka is a place that everyone would visit at least once.

Well, a single visit will make you want to come here over and over again because it definitely is an island on heaven.

With this ten – day tour across the country you get to witness and be a part of many wonderful things in Sri Lanka.

Day 01

Directly from Negombo you will be going to Sigiriya. Sigiriya is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. It is not a single place that you can visit but a collection of talent, nature, history and adventure. It definitely is the best way to start your trip; by giving you a hint on the other wanders that are still on the way. Sigiriya is a rock fortress, which typically is a kingdom that was built on top of a huge rock. The castle was on top of it and you can witness the ruins even today! The method that the ancestors used to build the fortress and its water system is still an engineering mystery. This is one of the reasons for it to be named the ninth wander of the world! The first night will be spending on a hotel in Sigiriya with a pleasant view over the environment.

Day 02

Anuradhapura is the first kingdom of the country and will be our second destination. It is a splendid city that resembles the ancient architecture along with the majestic nature of the kings that ruled back then. In Anuradhapura you get the chance to visit the sacred Bo – Tree along with many other temples with great historic value. You will also be able to identify how the architecture and the arts and crafts of the ancient country prevailed. After embracing and admiring the beauty of the ancient city we shall move back to our hotel in Sigiriya.

Day 03

Just as the kingdoms shifted from Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa we will also be visiting Polonnaruwa on our third day. In here you will be able to easily identify the cultural changes that took place in the country with regard to the Chola invasions. The many lakes built all around the city will bear proof for the existence of a very successful irrigation system in the city. This city is also filled with various places of historic and religious importance that signifies the talents and the techniques of our ancient ancestors. After the tour around the ancient ruins you will get to stay the night under the skies where our ancient kings slept.

Day 04 and Day 05

Kandy is a historically, religiously and culturally important city in the country. A splendid city that is filled with magnificent colours that signifies the importance of the culture of the country. The temple of the sacred Tooth Relic, and the nearby temples add the city a more sacred look and a calmness that you will not be able to see in any other place. The botanical garden, the city viewpoint and many other important tourist attractions awaits you in here. The fourth and the fifth days of your trip will be spending beneath the Kandyan sky, flowing through the ripples of the Kandy Lake. Do not forget to take a walk by the lake at the evening while the sunset shines upon the clear blue water.

Day 06 and Day 07

Nuwara Eliya is the among the top - rated areas in the country. Flooding with visitors at all times of the year, you are bound to have a literally cool experience in your sixth and seventh days while you are here. The area is filled with many types of flora and fauna along with tea plantations that covers the mountains as the sea covers the beach. The mist will add a definite touch of beauty and art to the surrounding. Make sure you take some of your warmest clothes in here. The botanical garden and the plantations along with the Gregory Lake are must visits!

Day 08

Our next destination will be Ella which is another best, most attractive yet most beautiful places in the country. Ella offers you with nothing but the wonders of nature to experience. The nine arch bridges will allow you to capture some of the best photographs from the tour. A tour to the Ella rock is definitely worth the effort. No words would ever be able to completely describe how beautiful the area is. You really have to take a visit here and witness the beauty by your own eyes. Do not forget to take a sip of tea from the freshly plucked tea leaves while staying at the Ella hotels.

Day 09

Tissamaharama will be our destination for the ninth day. Tissamaharama is an area that is considered sacred by Buddhist and Hindu devotees. If you have pretty good taste buds, you will be able to taste some of the best curd ever from this area. Despite the sunny weather, the area is filled with adventurous activities. The Tissamaharama Lake and the sacred temples as well as many other trips await you in here.

Day 10

We will be winding up our tour with a safari at Yala that will definitely make you fall in love with the wildlife than anything else. The beautiful variations of the fauna in the park will amaze you. The park is the home to many mammals including elephants, deer, and even leopards. Well, if you are lucky enough, we will definitely spot at least one or two leopards on the tour. It is also the home for many birds that are both inherent and immigrant. With the ten - day tour around Sri Lanka you are definitely bound to gather some lifelong memories.

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