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YALA NATIONAL PARK - Travellingpath.com

Yala National Park


This is yet, another very popular wildlife park. Not only that but also Yala National Park is very popular among both locals and tourists, coming second to Wilpattu park. Like all other forest reserves this too is one very well-liked national park in Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province in Uva.

Here you can get to see lots of elephants, monkeys, wild boars, deer, samba, mongoose, peacocks, buffalo, sloth bear, leopards, crocs, etc. the wild life park stretch to awesome 1268 kilometer acreage of land, full of forests and trees, this park was established in the 1900.

To see the best of wildlife you should visit here in the warm and hot months of February to June. This is the time that the animals come out from the dense forests in search of water to drink and bathe in the lagoons that are dotted among these vast gardens.


An overview of the hotels which are close to the Yala vicinity – Yala National Park Hotels


There are many hotels in the Yala region like Jet wing Yala, Laya Safari, Big Game Camp Yala, Leopard Nest, Wild Trail Yala Safari, Elephant Lake Yala etc. you can expect to have all amenities despite being located in the close forest area.


There are numerous accommodation facilities around the Yala National Park


Get to find good accommodation within the site itself. There are many lodges in the park itself that you can book early. These lodges can sit up to about 10 people in a group.

There is the Warahena bungalow, Mahasilawa bungalow, Ondaatji bungalow, Heenwewa bungalow, Thalgasmankada bungalow, etc. you can select which lodge you would like to stay in. Once you are inside the park game reserve you will get better access to the viewing of the animals at night time when they come out for a night out walk and drink of water etc. So, it is a good idea to rent out one of these charming lodges for you to get better seeing time at night. You will be delighted at the night visitors at your doorsteps. Wildlife sights that you will never get to experience this close. This will be a chance of a lifetime.


Yala National Park to Colombo


You can take a train, bus, and vehicle or even fly to Yala from Colombo. Coming from Colombo, it will be about 193 kilometers. The bus will roughly take you about 3 hours or so to get to the park, likewise the vehicle too. Train ride will be about 7 hours train time. The train could be taken from the Fort railway station in Pettah. You can even fly from Colombo from the Colombo airport which will be only about 45 minutes of air travel.