Weligama – The Best Coastal areas for Adventure Seeking Travelers


Sri Lanka has everything a traveler wishes to see from beautiful mountain ranges to captivating sandy beaches. Island has everything a traveler wants. Its sheer wondrous marvels are the reasons even the major travels such as Lonely Planet has made Sri Lanka as the number one destination in 2019 to travel. Of all the beautiful location travelers can go to, the beautiful beaches around the sandy coastal line of the island nation are most likely be reign at the top. The infamous Weligama is one of those incredibly beautiful beaches popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The word ‘Weligama’ describes itself in Sinhalese, which quite literally means ‘sandy village.’ Weligama bay is located in the southern coastal area of Sri Lanka. Not just for beach tourism, but also Weligama is also famous for traditional fishing in Sri Lanka.

For an adventure-seeking traveler or someone looking for a comfy and relaxed experience, Weligama has it all. From delicious local cuisines to adventure sports, the traveler offered with the best hospitality second to none. For the comfort of travelers, many hotels, villas, and restaurants have established here. The sandy beach of Weligama is so much attractive once you manage to go through the busy main street. From that main beach area, there are a couple of beach coves secluded away from the long beach.

There are many activities you can engage in and place you can go to Weligama. As per your choice, you can choose to involve yourself in so many activities. Apart from experiencing the marvelous sandy beach, you can explore so many leisure activities in the Weligama area.


Surfing in Weligama


Surfing is possibly the most popular thing to do in Weligama because it is home to several surfing points. Weligama surf is famous around the world as a natural surfing academy for amateur surfers. In terms of surfing as a sport, it’s known that there are specific surfing points suitable for each surfer based on their skill levels from beginner to experienced surfers. Some surfing points are called Beach break, Plantation point, Two Secret Point, and Reef Brakes Ram’s point among surfing communities.


Diving in Weligama Bay


Just as Mirissa, Weligama Bay is home to many scenic dive sites, and any traveler can quickly discover the beauty in the coral life with the help of Weligama Bay Dive Center. You can have an incredible amount of fun time diving in the water with the assistance of trained diving guides. Those friendly, experienced divers will make sure your holiday will be an unforgettable one. If diving makes you uncomfortable, you can always enjoy two-hour snorkeling time with your family or friends.


Whale Watching


Apart from surfing, which is Weligama is well known for, there’s another activity that travelers around the globe flock towards the island nation. It is to experience the unbelievable experience and thrilling of watching the gentle giant of the ocean and the largest mammal in the world, the blue whale. After the decade’s long war, it has discovered that the sea around Sri Lanka has been the home to the world’s highest dense of whale community. Not just whales, tourists on boats can see dolphins during the sunsets in their natural habitats. It has been considered as the ideal time to watch whales is between October to April.


Spa experience in Weligama


After a long day of engaging in various leisure activities in Weligama, it would be perfect if you could get an Ayurvedic Spa treatment. That option is very much available in the area as there are so many good Spa centers in the Weligama area. An excellent Spa treatment gives you the perfect ending to your tiresome day as it offers you the best health and relaxing treatments by well-trained Ayurvedic specialists.


Traditional Stilt fishing in Weligama


Apart from leisure activities for travelers to engage in Weligama Bay, there is one particular event done by the people in the area. It is called stilt fishing, which is a unique fishing technique you won’t find in another country. Fisherman in the village cast their fishing lines attached to long narrow rods into the sea while sitting on a tall pole planted bit deep in the shallow water. This unique fishing technique handed down from generation to generation. This scenic traditional fishing technique is prevalent among a lot of tourists as some consider seeing and experience this activity as one of the most important things to do in their travel bucket lists. Stilt fishing technique is also very popular photographic scenery for many Instagram influencers.


Kushta Raja Gala Statue in Weligama


Not quite famous with the tourists but ask any local, they will direct you to this historical statue called by the villagers as Kushta Raja statue made from solid rock. It is one of the statue oldest Mahayanist figures built in Sri Lanka back in the 7-9th century. Make sure to visit the place as it will most definitely add a vivid, mystical experience to your holiday.


Hotels and Villas in Weligama


Revive. Rejuvenate and Relax. There are many villas and hotels in the Weligama Bay area which accommodate weary and enthusiastic travelers with grand hospitality. Weligama Bay Marriott resort and spa chain hotel is one of them. They offer various facilities for travelers with a luxurious experience and probably the most famous hotel in the area. Hotel Cape Weligama set on a top of a picturesque location standing 40m above the ocean. They, too, facilitate travelers with leisure activities such as snorkeling, whale watching, and scuba diving. Weligama villas also have more than enough words to describe the relaxing pleasure of experience the meditational ocean breeze in the breathtaking surreal panoramic holiday location. Each Weligama villas and Weligama hotels most definitely can make the traveler feels like a part of the sandy beaches and bonds with the very environment they are staying.


Weather in Weligama throughout the year


While weather plays a significant role in deciding whether a traveler should go to certain places, Weligama undoubtedly holds the ideal tropical climate almost round the year. That is probably one of the main reason travelers from the globe come here very often. The annual temperature in Weligama weather is about 26.7 °C. Though the weather in Weligama is generally dry, the area gets a significant amount of rainfall from time to time, creating a perfect tropical climate balance to the region. As it naturally does in a sub-continent country like Sri Lanka, Weligama weather in April is the warmest of all the months in the year, which does not stop travelers from around the world coming to Weligama to have a great time. Traveling to picturesque Weligama Bay is not just about going to a place but a journey into heart, mind, soul, and history in this magical island nation.