The Treasures of Ussangoda


An unusual bit of land is Ussangoda. Located on the Kataragama road, and situated in the hot tropics of the Hambantota district. The earth is a good rich red brown color and full of a mix of minerals, metal and a strange light that makes it glitter and shine in the rocks. It gives out a strange and unique color that glistens in the sun.

Ussangoda is bordered by the sea from one side, and dense forests on the other side, while the patch of rich brown earth is in between both forest and sea, hence this make it an unusual bit of land worth exploring. It is also an archeological site declared by the Archeological Department, of Sri Lanka.

King Ravana is said to have landed his magnificent peacock like plane on this rich earth! It is also believed to be the site of prehistoric man! This is a place where stories, legends of significant times, come alive in Ussangoda.

On one side of the forest area, there borders a lot of rare species of fauna and flora, birds and beasts of all kinds make this unusual place their home, and abode to lots of nature.  Part of the red earth has only rare kinds of minerals and metal and you see no signs of plants growing here except perhaps for a bit of short stumpy grass which could be spotted budding here and there. Other than that, the land remains barren, but rich with red brown color and may be some rare gem stones? Who knows, it is indeed a treasure trove of color, glitter and shine!

Science has it say, that this part of the land is part of a meteor, which may have crashed landed sometime back, and hence this makes this place so unusual in color, while the rocks give that bizarre and azure shine, which is something out of this world, and from an incredible science fiction film, and an alien planet! This is truly exciting for all those lovers of UFO’s and all things alien and from another world! Once you set foot on these soils your imagination can riot with science fiction stories.


Where to stay at Ussangoda


You can expect to reserve or book your hotel, from the many hotels in the nearby areas or just a few kilometers from Usangoda.

A few of these hotels are:

To name just a few, all these hotels are equipped with good facilities, and good cuisine. If you need a vehicle, you can make a booking from the hotel, or rent out a car from the various car renting centers in and around Ussangoda.

Free parking, wifi, TV, good rooms, good food, gardens, private balconies, recreational hall, play areas for kids, private balcony, pool table, billiards, restaurants, barbecue nights, camping, bathing and swimming etc. are all available for your comfort and care. Anything additional that you need can be requested for, upon a nominal fee. There are many 5 star and budget hotels for you to take your pick.


Ussangoda Map


Get to see the satellite map on Google maps of the Ussangoda area. It is easily located and accessible with all the details of the location, including pictures and satellite images of the surroundings.

Hotels are also marked on the map. Just cruise around the satellite map and find the best hotel of your choice. Bookmark your location on the map and the places you have visited so that others may get to know the specific places that you have visited.