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UDAWALAWE NATIONAL PARK - Travellingpath.com

Udawalawe National Park-Enjoy the beauty of a natural habitat in Sri Lanka


This massive 3000 odd hectares plot is home to many herds of elephants and other wildlife creatures. It is the most popular tourist wildlife sanctuaries for both local and foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Udawalawe National Park is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Department of Sri Lanka and located in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Grasslands surround the forest reserve, and marshy land and the reservoir water lake. Here you can get to see many elephants who call this their home along with many other wildlife creatures of the forest. Reptiles, mongoose, deer, samba, crocodiles, elephants, sloth bear, leopards, birds, butterflies, reptiles, water buffalos, fowls, bobcats, and other are among the species that you will be able to spot along with peacocks, rabbits and hare. But the most popular animal is the majestic elephant when they come down to the river to drink water and bathe, and generally, the elephants meeting place. It is said there are about 250 elephants in the park area. Bush rats also make this their home. This sanctuary is also suitable for a lot of bird watching, which has a variety of birds for the bird watching lover, at the Udawalawe National Park.


Accommodation at the Udawalawe National park


There are numerous places in and around the vicinity that you can book and stay for a couple of days or one night. Here are a bunch of the areas that you can choose to stay and book online. The Big Game Camp, Tented Safari Camp, Hotel Gayan’s, Kalu’s Hideaway, Max Safari Villa, The Grand Udawalawe Safari Resort, Morning Side Safari Resort, Elephant Trails and many more budget-friendly accommodation could be found here for one and all. Experience a wildlife safari in style and comfort like no other. You can also rent out a tent and plant yourself in the National Park and get to see firsthand all the wildlife to your heart’s content at night, a night out campsite that you will remember like no other at the Udawalawe National Park Accommodation.


Udawalawe National Park Hotels


There are about 65 hotels outside of the national park and in its vicinity that you can stay in. Hotels like the Kottawatte village hotel, which boasts of good clean and comfortable amenities and great food. The Grand Udawalawe Safari hotel, Athgiri River Camping, Elephant Trail, Eliyanth Udawalawe and a host of other hotels for your comfort and care.


The Udawalawe National Park Tour


Book a tour around the national park and get to see all the wildlife, especially the elephants. You will be rewarded by seeing many animals on your park tour. Tickets can cost about Rs.3500. You will be able to travel in an open jeep. This will enable you to see the animals at closer quarters. Throughout the dry, hot and humid time of year, you can see many animals congregate at the lake, and because of the low grown grass, the view will be better for seeing all creatures small and great!

There are many site bungalows and camping sites within the park that you can also choose to stay in. This will be good to see how the nightlife of these creatures is spent. The bungalows are all open air and built on stilts and stage, which will enable a better viewing gallery for you and your friends. Outside of the park, there is another area where the baby elephants are housed, those who are sick. Actually; they are unable to fend for themselves. They are kept here until well enough to join the game park beyond.

The best time to see the natural worlds of nature are through the early dawn hours and dusk when they all come out for some respite and fresh air, to their famous haunt the water hole. You can opt for a day tour, and if you book online you will get the way in ticket, food and drink, and a jeep to take you along the sightseeing wildlife tour in the morning.


Udawalawe Safari


There are many places that you can expect to book for a camp safari. The park opens at 6.00 a.m. You can stay the night here, in a camping tent, so that you will be able to watch the nightlife. Or take a day tour, whichever is preferable to you. Staff will be made available at all times for anything that you may need at Udawalawe National Park Safari.