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What to do in Trincomalee Sri Lanka


Known as Gokanna in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa eras, Trincomalee is a beautiful place to visit. It is situated in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. This city has lovely beaches, bays, religious areas as well as an excellent harbor. Thousands of local and also the foreign travelers come to visit this beautiful Trincomalee in every year.


Places to visit in Trincomalee


As mentioned above, there are numerous things to do there. Most of the travelers come here for a fresh bathe in the sea. Recently a place named Isha Water Park is situated in there to enjoy some water sports.

There is a place called Rawana Abyss, which is a kind of gulf to the sea. This place has a narrow bank and surrounded by a massive rock from three sides and the sea by one hand. They say that during king Rawana and Rama’s war, these rocks had been damaged. There are sharp cuttings on the rocks. The seawater or the wind cannot damage the rocks like that. Some call this the Lovers leap. The lovers, who could not get their parents’ blessings, were used to jump down to the sea from this place to suicide.

If you wish to have a yacht ride in the sea, the best place is in Trincomalee. There is a company called Sail Lanka Charter, which can take you a joyful and safe trip. The yachts are luxurious and have a restaurant too. You can plan a day tour or a night tour according to your wish. This ride is suitable for kids also.

Kanniya hot water springs is a place visited by many travelers. It has seven wells in there. Each of them has a different temperature of the water. All of them are natural. You can take a bucket of water to refresh the face, feet, or you can have a bath too.

You can visit the longest bridge in Sri Lanka if you go for a visit to Trincomalee. It is called the Kinniya Bridge. This building can connect Trincomalee city with Kinniya. This one is economical, but the place is charming to see. You can have a long trip on the straight looking road and see the beautiful environment.

The harbor is an exciting place too. The specialty is that it is the largest natural harbor in the country. Many countries have tried to surrender this natural place because it is much more critical to the economy. You could see big ships arriving and a beautiful sea view. The NAVY there is always helpful.


Religious places around Trincomalee


Many Buddhists, as well as most of the Hindus from all over the world, come to Trincomalee. There are very popular kovils and temples there.

The most attractive temple or the kovil is Koneswaram. It is gorgeous and always full of people. It is situated on a large rock and surrounded by fresh seawater. This kovil is a large building and seems like a temple city. It is said that the kovil was established in 1580BC. That means it has been worshipped for more than three decades. There is another kovil adjacent. It is the Shankari Devi Shakthi Peetam. The significance of this is that there is a massive statue of the God Shiva. Actually, the Rawana abyss is in here too.

Pathirakali Amman kovil or the Devasthanam is the second most attractive religious place in Trinco. It is dedicated to the Goddess Bhadrakali in the Hindu religion has ancient architecture. Many old stories painted there. The colorfulness is the sign of there.

Many Buddhists come to worship Gokanna temple. It is near the fort of Trincomalee. This temple is ancient. It has got its name from the city because the city was called Gokanna before. They say that the temple is King Mahasen’s creation.

Another Buddhist temple is Velgam Vehera, which Hindus call Natanar kovil. You can find this place near Kinniya. There is an ancient stupa there built by bricks. But it is ruined by now.


What are the other attractions around Trincomalee


Not only water sports and religious places, but there are also some more things too in Trincomalee. One is a fort called Fort Frederic, built by Portuguese. It is near the Koneshwaram. They say that the Portuguese had made this by destroying some Buddhist temples. Firstly Portuguese and after that, the Dutch had used this as a defense fort.

There is a cemetery called the British war cemetery, where many British people were buried. There we cannot find the ordinary dead citizens, but the brave soldiers who died in the Second World War. There you can find three hundred and three graves.

If you love history or marine, there you find the best place to visit. It is the Maritime Museum which shows many more things about the NAVY. Here you can find information from the sixteenth century. It is open to visitors from the year 2013.

One of the most beautiful places here is Pigeon Island. It is a land situated two kilometers away from the country. You can hire a boat to ride because the island is full of very good bio-diversity. You may see many birds, fish, mangroves as well as corrals.


Trincomalee beach


Above all, most people will agree that it is the beaches that attach them to Trincomalee. There are almost six beaches in there.

Nilaveli Beach is the most crowded place. If not, the beach is calmer than anywhere else. It has a long coastline to swim or walk. The sand here is colored with white. There are palm trees and a few useful buildings. The water is clean, and also it will give you the feeling of another land. The beach can relax you but remember not to go there on holiday.

Uppuweli beach is closer and similar to Nilaveli. It gives you the same feeling which Nilaveli gives. But the place is more crowded. It is smaller than the latter, but there are no waves. Therefore you will feel that you are not in the sea but a tank.

Also, people love to visit the Marble Beach. There is a public area as well as a private one. The Air Force maintains both. You have to pay in private, but there is a delicious restaurant there. This beach is cleaner than the others. The place took its name because the surface of the water looks like marbles.

Furthermore, Arisimale beach is top-rated because of its sand. The sand is different and looks like Samba rice. It also has some various colors similar to orange and yellow. You have to walk about five hundred kilometers through the jungle to get there.

The Dutch bay is better to swim or have a sight view than a family bathing. It is the heart of the Trinco bay. There is an excellent place to have a boat ride too.

Manayaweli cove or the Dhobi tank is accessible, too, but people are washing their clothes. All these places are lovely and attractive.


Best way to get to Trincomalee


Trincomalee is about two hundred and forty kilometers away from Colombo. Therefore you can travel by train, bus, taxi, etc.

If you wish to use the Colombo – Trincomalee train, you can get it from Fort station. It will take about three and a half hours to reach and will cost only about three dollars. The bus will take seven hours and will cost about four dollars.

A taxi can bring you there in four hours, but it will cost a hundred and twenty-five dollars for you. By the way, you can be sure about the comfortability.  You can fly from Colombo too. It will be very joyful and costs about two hundred and sixty dollars.  If we think about all of these ways, the best way will be the train.


Trincomalee weather


It is better to understand the weather and the climate before you go. In short, it is hot in most of the months. You will experience the bright sunshine the whole day. There will be rainfall from September to February. Otherwise, you can travel without any hesitation.


Trincomalee hotels


You can find many luxurious hotels in this beautiful area. One of the most popular hotels is Trico Blue, which belongs to the Cinnamon group. This one is a four-star and has a private beach too. You can have family rooms there.

Amaranthe Bay Resort and Spa is another popular hotel in Trincomalee. It is a five star one and has a lake too. You can easily book tours as well as tickets to the Aeroplane also from there. You can find Pathrakali Amman kovil and the harbor easily.

Anantamaa Hotel has a private beach and a beautiful garden. You can experience many water sports and fishing here. You can notice that an airport transport service is available here.  Dyke rest is not a hotel, but a rest house. The Rest has three stars too. You can have a useful sunbath in their sun deck. You don’t have to be worried because it has a private beach there.


Wrapping up


What you are going to do in Trincomalee does not matter at all. Most of the visitors agree that at least having a sight seen near the beach is enough. There are Tamil speaking people than others. But you can quickly get a tour guide.