Tourism in Negombo- One of the best Sri Lankan travel destinations


Sri Lanka is truly an amazing travel destination where you can experience the best moments in your lifetime. This small island is filled with fascinating places to visit. The breathtaking nature of this extremely captivating country is the main reason for the tourist attraction.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss tourism in Negombo, which is located just 10km from the Airport. This is an appealing beach town where you can find out several well-known attractions that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Let us how out more about this city and its tourism at present.


Tourism in Negombo- is it easy to reach


This city is one of the best places for tourists to visit during their trip to Sri Lanka. The reason for this is because it contains almost all the facilities that anyone could probably wish for. Not only that, but also the location of this amazing place is also ideal for a visit as it is located in handy proximity to Colombo, the capital of this island.

Therefore, there is no problem in traveling here as soon as you land in the country. As mentioned above, you will only have to pass 10 km to reach here. And that is also a reason for tourism in Negombo to be so well developed. As a result of that, almost everyone tends to visit this great place to relax and experience the beauty of this island.


Negombo Sri Lanka – the hotels and facilities


Accommodations are an important thing to consider whenever you visit a place. Here in Sri Lanka, Negombo hotels are some of the best ones available to make your stay a special one. We can recommend these hotels without any hesitation as they are of a very high standard. There are over 80 hotels available and you can easily find the best for you.

Most of them are architectural masterpieces and they have gracefully decorated them. Some of them are Jetwing Lagoon, Pledge 3, Camelot Beach Hotel and Palms Villa. You can select the one that best fits your budget by visiting their website and you can even book them online. That was about the Negombo Sri Lanka hotels. Not only this place provides you the best accommodation facilities, but it also has many breathtaking sites. It is now the time to find out those sites of the city.


Things to do and places to visit in Negombo


The Negombo beach is a very calming place to visit. It is ideal for a sunset stroll and most of the visitors reach this site. You can also enjoy this beach from the front of some hotels and it will be a great way to relax. You can also join with the locals at the municipal beach for a more colorful and noisier scene. This city is famous for fishing. There is a huge fish market and you can see fishers taking their canoes daily in search of fish. This will also give you a different experience.

The ruins of the very ancient Dutch Fort are present closer to the seafront near the Negombo lagoon mouth. However, the town’s prison has occupied the grounds of the fort at present. The colorful paintings of the St. Mary’s Church are some of the best paintings that you can find here. You can also enjoy the picturesque views while riding the canal-side paths of the Hamilton canal.


What is the best time to visit this city?


As it has a year-round season, you will always find visitors. The temperature here is almost 29c and it has very high humidity. Anyways, if you wish to visit here, the period from December to March is ideal as there is no rain. But we can see tourists even during May, October, and November, which are the rainiest months. You can decide the time to visit according to your wish.


Winding up

As we can see, tourism in Negombo is actively developing day by day. The reason for this is that you can find everything you need to spend a holiday here. The proximity of the airport and the convenience to reach the location has made it a very popular place among the visitors.

Another advantage of staying in this city is that you can get food for the lowest prices compared to the other Sri Lankan resorts. And also, Negombo is a year-round resort. So, if you are hoping to visit Sri Lanka, don’t miss this place as it is one of the best locations where you can enjoy your stay for a reasonable amount.