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Are you willing to visit Mirissa Sri Lanka soon


There are so many areas to visit in Sri Lanka with the beach. We can see that the South has the most attractive places. One reason is that this area is not very far from Colombo. It is about two forty kilometers away, but because of the expressway, you can get there quickly. It will take only about two hours for your taxi, two and a half for the train and about three hours for the public bus. Another reason is not as traveling inside; here you will not meet with many traffic jams. The sun, sand, and surf image are lovely here. Therefore it will be a memory for you.

There are many things to do here. All are interesting. You will not be bored and also never be starved because this pace is curious and has many cooks who can prepare delicious meals for you. The beach is calm, as well as clear. The sand is immaculate in there so that you can try to lay a towel and have a bit of sunbathing. There are chairs too, which you can sit and relax.

Three or four years ago, this area has met with considerable development. There you can find many three-star Mirissa hotels and also some standard guest houses for the accommodations. Therefore it will not be hard for you to stay for about four or five days in this beautiful area.


What to do in Mirissa Sri Lanka


The sea belongs to this area is famous for whales. Numerous local and international tourists come here to see the whales going up and down. Some boats are ready to bring you a bit far from the beach. There you will meet not only whales but also turtles as well as some dolphins if you are lucky. The highly recommended months for this watch are November to March.

One tour of the sea will cost about thirty dollars. There are fewer packages too, but the boats are not very comfortable. You can begin the tour at about six o’clock in the morning. We must say that if you think you will feel uncomfortable with the boat riding, please do not go or at least take a pill before getting in. Also, if you were unlucky to watch at least one whale, you can come on the next day and try again. Do not worry, you do not have to pay again, but it is better to negotiate before you start.

As we have said here before, the Mirissa beach is charming to see. Therefore you will be able to do some sports in the water. Here it is perfect for surfing. If you do not know how to, this area is the best for you to learn.

You can dive here if you know how to because this place has many beautiful creatures in the sea. You can watch some turtles as well as beautiful corals here. But remember to bring your snorkels.

If you are interested, there is a secret beach in the area. Fewer people go there because you have to find it on a map and also have to walk for about fifteen minutes. But the place is lovely. It is neither crowded nor damaged by the tourists.

There is a rock which you can go up if you like and take some photos. You have to walk for a bit in the water to step in here. This one is a parrot shaping one. You can sit and relax too.

Do you like coconuts? Here there is a garden full of those trees. You have to walk for a few minutes, and then you can easily find the place. Here it is beneficial to see the sun going down, but take care of your heads.

What can you do at night


Not only the day but also the Mirissa nightlife too is terrific. The main thing at night is the parties. Mirissa beach party is a different one. It starts from one bar near the beach, and after a few minutes, it moves to the next bar. Then people go there. After that, it goes to the next one and the next one and like that the party rotates the whole night. How do you know which bar throws the party at the exact time? You have to notice the light in the sky. Also, the price of a cocktail glass is a bit low at that time. This system is exciting.

If you love the sky at night, Mirissa will give you fireworks. The celebration will start at about 9.30, and the whole atmosphere will be full of beautiful, sparkling fire. That will be a fantastic view.


Where to stay


When we are talking about Mirissa Sri Lanka hotels, the doctor’s house comes first. This one has parties every evening. The food is delicious, and also they provide you music lively. It has a large garden too if you need a walk. Also, the place is only about fifteen minutes away.

Among all the Mirissa beach hotels, the Beach Mirissa hotel is perfect. This one usually has a nine-point three rating. It has a beach area reserved for the hotel only. Not only that, it has a large swimming pool and also a deck too. Every room has a television there, and the attached bathrooms are a bit larger than usual. It is not very far, but about two kilometers.  The Wood Palace is closer to the beach. Yes, it is only about three hundred meters away. This one has rooms of non-smoking. Its restaurant has tasty meals too. You can ask them to catch a bus for you to go to your next location.

You can enter the Mirissa Breeze hotel by ten minutes walking. It has very nice rooms and also you can use the Wifi connection freely.The place Casa Maria will offer you the feeling of being at home. Everything here is brilliant. Also, the best thing is you can step out of the usual impulsiveness which the area has every time.

However, please stay out of the beach area at night, because the place is crowded and noisy during the day and night. It is a must for you to have a good sleep that you have to travel and enjoy the next day too.