Minneriya National Park – Another ideal destination that you should visit in Sri Lanka

Do you love nature?

If yes, then we have another question for you!

Are you willing to visit Sri Lanka someday?

Elephants are one of the top reasons for visiting Sri Lanka.

You can witness them in droves. This is the top place to holiday if you are still going to places of interest. The travel point in time to the site is about 182 kilometers to the site. Or better still if you are touring the very old city of Polonnaruwa, the definite detour to this wonderful park.

Many years ago, this area was a water irrigation lake which gave the village and other places, mainly the Polonnaruwa area water. Both locals and tourists visit the park mainly to see untamed elephants up-close. There are much nature wonders in the park to be seen like birds, fowls, sloth bear, deer and samba.

May to October is considered to be the finest moment to watch these elephants as they come in groups. Throughout the dried out, time of year which is in April to August you can see more of these animals congregating at the lake which is in very close proximity to the park. This is their meeting place. Sometimes if you are lucky you will be able to witness about 300 to 350 elephants in one go. During the hot humid and dry season they come in search of food and water and eat the little grass that is seen around the lake.


Are there any close by hotels to stay


There is no hotels close by. You will have to book one from the many hotels in the nearby counties. So if you need a stay over you will have to book from a neighboring county like Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Giritale or Habarana. These hotels are quite good with the basic amenities and facilities, luxury 5 star hotels are accessible too. You can choose to suit your purse. Minneriya National Park Hotels.


Minneriya Hotels


Among the good hotels is the Giritale downtown hotel in Polonnaruwa. It is a beautiful place with all amenities and facilities including AC, WIFI, TV, nice airy bedrooms with views. The hotel gives you a panoramic view of the gorgeous Giritale Lake. You can hire a bike or vehicle and explore the surroundings by yourself, or get a ride to the said destination. The choice is yours.


Hotel Ancient Village, Polonnaruwa


This is a fabulous place of rest, with very excellent reviews. A luxurious hotel equipped with AC, TV, and Wi-Fi, and free parking facilities, swimming at the pool, food and beverages. Fitness center, bicycle or vehicle could be hired too.  Nice play area for the kids. Just relax and enjoy your stay here.


Hotel Sudu Araliya


This is a nice and, comfortable hotel to relax and have some fun. Give your tired limbs a massage after a hard days of seeing the sights, Free parking, renting of bicycle, wifi, TV, food and drink along with large and airy rooms, with AC, TV, and wifi all this and more available.  Look out to the great view of the Parakrama Bahu reservoir. Minneriya Hotels.


Minneriya National Park best times to visit


Visiting the park at the crack of dawn at 5.00 a.m. is the best hour to start your day which will end at 8.00 a.m. the next day. It is advisable to visit the park during the months of May to October. Dry seasons are in the hot days of April to August. You can expect to see a load of untamed elephants in their natural habitat gather at the water hole. This a much accepted meeting place for them. Take heaps of photographs as long as the jeeps are not too close.  There is a restricted area, from where you can stop, to take as many as you like. The duration will be about 3 hours. Minneriya National Park best times to visit.


Minneriya National Park Jeep Safari trip


This is one joyful Safari, and memorable trip that you will never forget. And the best of treasured memories for you to take back home, share your photos back with family and friends show them the time of your life in these shots as you regale your tales and encounters of wild elephants and leopards of Sri Lanka.

Now in addition to the majestic elephants, don’t forget there is many a magnificent leopard or two that you will be able to spot on your exciting adventure. Look carefully, and listen to what your guide says he will take you and show you the best spots that you will be able to see a leopard. Sometimes they hide a top a tree then you can also get to see the, rare sloth bear, deer, samba, and a profusion of bird species like herons, pelican and so on. You can opt to take the full tour in the morning or the evening tour whichever one you prefer.

Tickets will be priced at 65$ for an adult and if you book via hotel you can expect to be picked up at your hotel and dropped in the evening at your destination. This is for those who are in the Habarana area. The tour will be about 3 hours in the national park, and a jeep will be provided for you as well for your excursion. We hope that you have the time of your life at the Minneriya National Park.