Kalpitiya – A Sri Lankan destination where your “tropical dreams” will come true


Sri Lanka is one of the most fascinating destinations for travelers around the world as she holds an incomparable natural beauty within and around her. Being surrounded by the greenish-blue Indian Ocean from every side, the reputation for her tropical beaches still runs high.

Kalpitiya in the Puttalam District is a jewel that brightens the beauty of Sri Lankan coasts. Located 167 km North from Colombo, it takes around 3 hours to reach Kalpitiya town. This is facilitated by public transport like buses and trains but you can also hire a vehicle starting from $16. It offers some amazingly fresh beaches and rich biodiversity while providing a wide variety of sea-based and land-based activities to get engaged with. The food and accommodations in Kalpitiya are of high standards with mouth-watering seafood dishes and cozy places to rest while enjoying the sea breeze.


Kalpitiya – The true elegance


Kalpitiya peninsula is surrounded by the Puttalam lagoon in the east while the west is the Indian Ocean. It is a Marine Sanctuary which holds exquisite beaches, mangrove swamps, reefs, sand dunes and salt marshes. Kalpitiya peninsula has a long history which runs towards the era where Portuguese ruled Ceylon as a commercial trading centre. The peninsula which branches from the mainland runs 48 km parallel to the island creating the Puttalam Bay and has a tapering end where 14 small islands are situated. The peninsula and the islands collectively form the total land area of 1673 hectares.


More about Kalpitiya Islands


Including the most popular Battalangunduwa and others namely Sinna Arichchalai, Eramutivu, Vellai I, Vellai II, Vellai III, Palliyawatta, Uchchamunai, Ippantivu, Periya Arichchalai, Sinna Arichchalai, Eramutivu West, Kakativu and Dutch Bay form the total 14 Kalpitiya Islands.

Battalangunduwa is reputed for its unusual name and the memorable ferry ride to it from the mainland. It is located at the very end of the Kalpitiya peninsula. It is a small village of fishermen whose major living is making dried fish. The ferry ride which starts early morning will cross the Puttalam bay while the pinkish-grey sky will turn slowly into the bright blue drapes while the sun rises. It is roughly a three hours ride and provides great experience about the life of the locals who reside in Kalpitiya islands.


Kalpitiya Beaches – The tropical heavens on earth


If you ever dreamed of watching the setting sun while sitting amidst the salty scented waves swiftly singing around you, the Kudawa Beach in Kandakuliya is just the place for you. Being set in the shallow bay area it offers a swimmable safe spot for ocean lovers throughout the year. Alankuda and Kandakuliya public beaches also provide a mesmerising experience. The best time to visit Kalpitiya beaches are from October to May. The Kalpitiya beaches are lined with many cosy hotels, restaurants, chalets and cottages located amidst the shady coconut groves.


Kalpitiya Kitesurfing – indulge yourself in an aquatic adventure


If you are seeking for adventures, Kalpitiya is the best place to go. The Kalpitiya lagoon will provide you with the coolest kitesurfing sensation ever! During the Kalpitiya Kitesurfing season from May to September, many enthusiastic travelers around the world gather to enjoy those rhythmic waves. The hotels and resorts in the area are especially facilitating any enthusiastic kite surfers with the supply of all the equipment and guidance.


Kalpitiya Dolphin and Whale Watching – the memorable and majestic aquatic wilderness


Commencing from December to March is the season for Kalpitiya Dolphin Watching. The city is one of the main destinations in Sri Lanka of visiting these sweet and friendly mammals without sailing much far from land. Schools of dolphins are widely spotted during this season, especially at Alankuda beach. These can be seen in hundreds and the Spinner Dolphins are the most common breed. Once you get guided by a good Dolphin Tracker you may never forget the sweet click trains they make while dancing exclusively for you.

Apart from Dolphins, Kalpitiya is a World Class attraction for Whale watching. The magnificent Blue whale and Sperm whale are easily spotted from December to mid – April. If you get lucky, you may get a full view of a great blue whale slowly diving into the deep blue waters just a few hundred feet from you. These huge yet majestic creatures had made Kalpitiya a jewel in Marine World with its ideal habitat conditions.


Kalpitiya Snorkelling – Experience the paradise underwater


Kalpitiya lagoon hosts the “Bar Reef” which is the largest living coral reef in Sri Lanka. It is located about half an hour of a boat ride which will stun you with the fascinating biodiversity of coral reef based flora and fauna. The best season for Kalpitiya Snorkelling is from November to mid-April. The tranquil waters will mesmerize you with vividly colored sea creatures taking you into a whole another world.


Birdwatching at Kalpitiya


Kalpitiya lagoon hosts a hot spot in biodiversity. It is a paradise of aquatic birds like sea eagles, purple heron, whistling teal which dwells freely in the shallow waters. The Kappalady lagoon in the same area is a migratory destination for birds during the winter months. From the moment you spot the Kalpitiya skies filled with a variety of flocks of birds, you may never forget that breath-taking view.


Kalpitiya accommodation and food


Kalpitiya town itself is very small but provides some cosy places to check-in. Located around the main beaches; Alankuda, Kandakuliya and Kudawa and Bar Reef, the Kalpitiya beach hotels and resorts provide not only food and accommodation but also facilitate many aquatic and land-based activities like windsurfing, snorkelling and dolphin watching.

The authentic seafood cuisines at Kalpitiya has a great reputation for their mouth-watering dishes ranging from a wide variety of salty marine fish, cuttlefish, lobsters, crabs and prawns.

To name a few out of the best Kalpitiya Sri Lanka hotels for a visit.


Atara Lagoon


This beautiful Kalpitiya beach hotel provides you with one of the best Kalpitiya accommodation with the ultimate resort living experience. The scenic beauty of the nearby Kalpitiya lagoon consists of cosy rooms and cabanas giving you the serene view of the bay. The hotel facilitates kitesurfing, dolphin watching, snorkelling and many other aquatic sports you are interested in.


Villa Setha Wadi Kalpitiya


This luxurious hotel can accommodate 10 guests in total with the main three rooms in a cosy bungalow plus two superior chalets sitting among shady coconut trees. The hotel is built with a dock that juts out to the Kalpitiya lagoon which provides you with a mesmerizing view of the sunset while resting in canopy beds enjoying the sweet sea breeze.


Kite House Café


The café is located at Kappalady is an authentic seafood restaurant many visitors will surely fall in love with. The café provides all three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner with outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi. It has all kinds of cuisines you wish for ranging from authentic Sri Lankan to European or Mediterranean. If you are in search of vegetarian or gluten-free options, Kite House Café is just the right place to dine.


Kalpitiya Town – Never say Good Bye


Being a small country with dense biodiversity, Sri Lanka is still famous for her pristine coastal zone, among which, Kalpitiya holds a key place. Despite being a major place of tourist attraction the place still holds the virgin landscapes of Mother Nature. So, waving goodbye to Kalpitiya is quite a hard task yet this marine heaven is open for any adventurous heart that yearns for a visit back again.