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HIKKADUWA - Travellingpath.com

Hikkaduwa Beach-Put your mind at ease with the ocean breeze


The gorgeous beaches and its surroundings is the most beautiful little place on earth located in Hikkaduwa. This is a tourist’s delight, with miles and miles of pristine beach and blue waters stretching for miles the eye could see. The lovely horizon meets with the clear aquamarine blue sea waters and the pale blue skies with fluffy white clouds passing by. Stunning sun rises and sunsets, as the sun fades down to the massive seas, a beautiful color palette is thrown through the oceans and its surroundings in hues of flaming orange yellow and red.

This is a paradise for snorkeling, and diving, not to mention the colorful kaleidoscope of coral reefs and fish you get to see. Surfing is the most popular pastime among tourists, who love to ride high rolling white waves which sometimes reach up to 12 feet. So grab a surf board from the many street shops dotted along the beach way, and go ride that wave to your heart’s content. Fun and frolic for the entire family.

Or you can challenge your friends for a canoe ride or speed boat rides and see who gets to the first point of flag. Go on a fishing trip or boat ride, white water rafting, etc. it’s all there for you to enjoy, visit the turtle hatchery and watch these delightful little creature which is very close by.

Go walk down the beach area where you will get a strip of shops, boutiques, trinket shops, restaurants, bars and guesthouses. Not only that but also you will be able to come across through plenty of beach huts, which you can book for a few days of the duration of your stay.

Amble along the way, basking in the delight of the sun’s rays upon your shoulders. Lots of street shops and boutiques are available to get that perfect gift to take back home, batiks, gems and jewelry, masks all in plenty for you to choose from.


Hotels in plenty


There are a number of hotels to choose in the beach and the vicinity. So you need have no fear if you want a place to stay which are cheap and yet comfortable with amenities that fit your budget. If you are looking for something more luxurious – that too is available to cater to your luxurious lifestyle.


Hikkaduwa Beach Hotel

This is one of the most convenient places to stay. All facilities and amenities and luxury you ever wanted. Best of all, it is just a hop skip and jump for wind surfing, and diving. You can visit the coral reef which is only about 400 meters from the hotel while the turtle hatchery is 1.5 meters from the hotel.

You can always hire a bike or vehicle to see any other place of your choice or just explore the town and suburbs.

Rooms are large and airy and equipped with all the amenities. Every room has a private bathroom with hot water. Wi-Fi is free and available throughout. Nighttime is barbecue night, all this and more including restaurants, swimming pool all under one roof. Parking is free for all.

You can book for extra charges wind surfing, cycling driving, canoeing, billiards playing beach ball, and more activities, go on a fishing trip, or challenge your friends with a speed boat ride.  Hire a fiberglass boat and go watch the beautiful corals and fish, if you prefer watching from a boat rather than getting wet.


Coral Sands Hikkaduwa Hotel


Another gem of a classy luxury hotel in the offing is Hikkaduwa which is equipped with every luxury and all amenities that you can ask for. This too is located opposite the Marine Park. This is one hotel you will love which is equipped with private balcony in each room, swimming pools for your daily swims, easy access to the beach and sea.  Enjoy the comfort and relief of an ayurveda massage at the center. Sample the delectable cuisine of Sri Lanka and other international dishes Hikkaduwa Beach Hotels.


Hikkaduwa Beach Party


You can expect to find several places for a night’s enjoyment of music and dance and go sing and dance at a music bar. This is supposed to be one of the best bars in town for its night life and music and dance. Or you could also visit the Top Secret bar where you can dance your cares away at this place. Or maybe just swing on the many hammocks in the garden, with its dim lights and happy people doing the jive or dancing to the karaoke music. Plenty of drinks can be got at these happy places of night life.


Hikkaduwa Beach Snorkeling


Have a date with beach snorkeling and get to watch the beautiful coral reefs at the one and only popular Marine Park in Hikkaduwa. Enjoy one of the best and popular activities that are close to your heart. There are so many different species of fish to be seen in these coral reefs. You do not need to dive deep, just 200 meters off shore you can expect to go snorkel in the shallow waters.