Dambulla cave temple – A fascinating place to visit


If you are hoping to visit or even in Sri Lanka currently, there are several attractive places that you should never miss. Visits to those places will be very worth. The Dambulla cave temple is also one of them. This is a highlight among the other sites as it consists of impressive creations. Therefore, it is a place where most of the visitors to this country love to visit.

Exploring this temple is interesting as it contains so much of details for you to learn about its history. Climbing the rock is also very interesting and will be a unique experience. The surrounding is also very calming and therefore you will not find it difficult to climb the rock. Now, let us find out what is present in this amazing place.


Dambulla cave temple – the caves and the statues


There is a Golden Buddha statue at the entrance. This beautifully finished statue is very huge and therefore you can see it from miles away. When you reach it, you have to climb stairs and walk about 500 meters down the road. There, you can find the ticket counter. You have to get your tickets to enter this place. Dambulla cave temple entrance fee is Rs.1500 per person. That is, of course, a reasonable amount for a place with such historical and religious value.

Once you get them, you can start climbing the rest of the stairs. The sight is fantastic and therefore it will not make you feel tired. You can enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding it as you go up. This site contains five caves. You can reach every one of them. In them, there are many beautifully created Buddha statues. This beautiful place is worth the climb. And also, the ponds in the ground make the Dambulla cave temple nicer.


Things to know before your visit


There are some things that you should know before you visit here. First of all, you must have cash with you. The reason for that is that they only accept cash at the ticket counter and having cash in your hand will avoid any obstacles. And also, you must pay special attention to what you wear to this religious site. Dambulla cave temple dress code is to wear something appropriate especially as it is a religious site. It is better to cover yourself more when visiting such places in this country with a closed culture.

Once you visit the caves, you can leave your shoes at the counters. They will charge you a very small amount. Then you will not have to worry about the safety of your shoes. And also, if you take a local guide with you, that person will explain to you all everything about the place. You will be able to know all the details and the importance of this site. Therefore, we recommend taking your guide when visiting places of historical value. And also, make sure that you keep away from the monkeys.


More about this unique place


Dambulla cave temple opening hours are from 6.00 A.M to 7.15 P.M. it is the best to reach the location as early as possible. The reason for this is because the crowd will increase as it gets late. Not only that, the morning hours are usually easy when you have to climb stairs as the sun is not very bright. Therefore when planning to visit here, it is best to schedule the visit to the morning hours.

This is the best-preserved and also the largest cave temple in this country. We believe that these drawings were done before 2000 years. And this amazing place sits about 160 m above the road level. The distance from Dambulla to Sigiriya is very short, approximately about 20km. Therefore, you can also visit Sigiriya easily, which is an equally important place to visit. You can easily find food here. There are many hotels in closer proximity and the food is delicious. The price is also reasonable. Therefore, you can pay for the visit and explore this place without any worries.


Winding up


As we can now understand, the Dambulla cave temple is a place that you must explore when in Sri Lanka. The religious, as well as the historical importance of this place, is very high. And that is the reason why it has become so popular among travelers.

As there is a stairway to climb, this will also give you a different experience and you are going to love it. And you can also buy some books that have its value explained, at the office closer to the counter. Hope you got an idea about this place and make sure you pay a visit to this beautiful place.