Colombo a city of a Million Contrasts


This is a city that never sleeps! It is full of activity. Why? That is because it is Sri Lanka’s Capital and known as the hub and pulse that makes it tick. One of the busiest places that works overtime! The once ancient port of call for all trades and merchants of the East, trading their ware of rich cinnamon, and vanilla spices, Sri Lanka has always been that busiest of port cities that thrives even more and advanced even more today in its 21st century.

First class super Sri Lankan cuisine, the likes of which you will have never tasted before, upscale shopping till you drop. Top class 5-star luxury hotels, upper end Residencies, and top notch businesses and to top it all, the state of the art high technology with world class innovations that makes Greater Colombo even more great! To what it is today.


Travel and Transport


You get every mode of transport in this busy city. Whether you walk on your feet or dance your way on the colorful streets or want a ride a vehicle, it is available 24/7 – 365 days of the year! For your easy access and convenience to the wonderful places of the Colombo city, and its suburbs, buses, taxis, the amazing tuk-tuks, trains, and planes they are all available at your services at any given time.


Our Harbor, our port of call


This is Colombo’s busiest port of call the Harbor with trade in and out, ships and containers, horns tooting. This is the busiest and largest harbor in Asia. There is also the government naval base for its fleet. Today, another large port city it is being added to it along the far side of the Galle Face promenade.


The Fort Railway Station


This is the most walked in Railway Station in Sri Lanka which serves the whole island and the starting and ending point is all here at the Fort Railway Station. In progress since 1917 it is an old architectural building. It is also within easy access to the city of Colombo and other places of Fort and Pettah areas.


Shopping in Colombo


The streets are full to the brim with shops galore in the famous Fort and Pettah areas. Here you can find anything that you want. Walk or ramble along the still old world charming, cobble streets of Fort and China Street where you get that times gone feeling of nostalgia. This is one of the busiest places for shopping and trade.

For more luxurious shopping you can find plenty of lavish shops in the superior Colombo city area, for extravagant items etc.


Other points of interest


There are many other attractions in the city for you to spend your time and get to know what this city of life has to offer you. The following are the very best places for your visiting pleasure and enjoyment, whether you are looking for ancient historical stuff, or looking for old world charm of colonial buildings and architecture, the Colombo metropolis has it all.

These are some of the million and one place that you should visit and also the most visited places by one and all in the Colombo city.


Colombo, Sri Lanka Hotels


There are too many hotels here to mention, but you can expect to find many hotels in the city of Colombo. Some of them are the famous Galle Face Green Hotel, The Cinnamon Grand, The Kingsbury Hotel, Hotel Galadari, The Grand Oriental Hotel, and the Colombo City Hotel,  just a few to name here. These are all grand hotels with classy and luxury living. It is also within all easy access to all important government buildings, trade and commerce and shopping. Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels


Tourism in Colombo


The city of Colombo is the largest entryway to the opening of many things like trade and commerce, economy, residencies, technology etc.  Not just that, but it also specializes in great long-established art and crafts, and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. There are many varied and interesting things to do and see.

You can hike through the city or hitch trek, take a vehicle and go roaming to many interesting places in the country. Take a bus, or train ride down south and experience the pleasant and scenic views and its beauty of coastal life, watch how the Sri Lankan fisherman make a catch of fish in the deep seas.  Go surfing or scuba diving down south, among the many beautiful coral reefs and rare fish in the undersea world for you to pack in some snorkeling, windsurfing, or ride the high seas on a white wave.

Go up country, and feel the cool air and mists in the Nuwara Eliya district which is also called the ‘little England’ of Sri Lanka. Get away from it all, in the busy hot and humid city of Colombo to much cooler climes in Badulla, Ella, Kandy, Nuwara-Eliya and Haputale towns far from that maddening world of Colombo, where the village environment of a quiet and peaceful tranquility world exists.

Visit the many ancient cities in Sri Lanka like the Polonnaruwa city, the Sigiriya Rock fortress, Galle Fort, many ancient temples, etc. Go and see several gems being mined, cleaned and polished in the ‘City of Gems’ which is Ratnapura. So, there are numerous attractions in Sri Lanka that you can book your holiday in one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.


Luxurious 5-star Hotel living


Offering 5 star luxury comforts and all amenities and more, are the Cinnamon Grand, Shangri La Hotel, Taj Samudra, Cinnamon Lakeside, Jetwing Colombo, and Hotel Galadari.  All you need in luxurious lifestyle is available in all these top notch hotels which is 5 star and more! Also, it is within easy entrée, to the Greater Colombo Pettah, and Fort areas, and all government offices. Colombo hotels 5 Star.


Colombo Sri Lanka nightlife


Explore the night life in the city that never sleeps, which is Colombo.  Walk down the Galle face promenade if you want that noisy musical and happy night life, and laughter, with street shops selling their wares and making hot traditional foods, that you will enjoy having. Take a bite of fish, cheese, chicken kottu made and served hot and spicy. Taste the grilled hot kebabs Sinhala style, plenty of seafood’s, both oriental and Indian dishes for you to sample, there is no end to it.

If on the other hand you prefer to go and visit a more posh area then you can visit the Floor by O which is a popular place for the youth and a great meeting place for the new generation where the dining and wining is meant for the cream of society and elite a la Colombo style!

Dance your cares away at this trendy place right up to 12 midnight, with music for your listening pleasure, take your partner and enjoy a table with a drink or two, this place is definitely for you.  Get to see the beautiful views as you hob knob with your friends.


The Kama Colombo


This is also a good night life spot to have a drink or two with your friends, situated in the heart of Colombo. It is a night club and lounge. You can have a meal at the restaurant. There are many International and Italian dishes that are made here.  Sample a few with your friends and enjoy the ambience of the place. Feel the pulse and vibes with a great night out with friends.  This is, definitely, your kind of place, to relieve the stress and strain of office work, Colombo Sri Lanka nightlife.


Affordable and yet with all the comforts in hotels


On the other hand, if you prefer to book a small cheap hotel that fits your wallet, then why do not you go for budget hotels dotted in the city of Colombo?

These hotels may be budget in size, but still gives you the comfort that you need, like wifi, TV, AC, good food or bed and breakfast, or just only to lay down your tired bones after a hard days tour of the city. The choice and selection is galore, make your pick. Cheap, and yet, convenient for your stay in this busy city in budget hotels in Colombo.