Bentota Water Sports-Do not forget to give a try when you visit Sri Lanka


Bentota is located on the coastal belt of Galle district. It is very famous among tourists for all water sporting activities, river cruises and a treasure trove of site seeing locations for one and all. It is about 56 kilometers from the Colombo city, and could be reached by vehicle, train or bus. The best part would be to travel by train. The main focus of this writing is discussing the Bentota water sports at a glance.

Traveling by train will give you that perfect view of the coastal line and its beautiful scenic views first hand. Or you could just hire a helicopter just for yourself and family and witness the beauty from the skies, a sight, truly worth seeing, its beautiful sea and timeless golden sands, coconut palms trees blowing in the wind. You may even get to spot some whales, having a whale of a time in the seas. The Bentota River is also very close by to the sea shore, where you can have many adventure cruises down the river.


More about Bentota water sports


There are many river sporting centers with a professional team and lots of sporting activities for you to choose from. There are also many courses that you can select and try, with a team of professional to help and advice you all the way through your course.

Activities like scuba diving, surfing, skiing, walk board, fly fish, Jet Ski, banana ride, inflatable ride, knee board, doughnut ride, sofa ride are all available for you take your pick and have the time of your life with your family and friends, be adventurous and take the challenge.

Besides all these river and sea adventures, there are other exciting site seeing activities for you to enjoy. Ancient, Buddhist temples, turtle hatchery, the small fort, and the helipad Aviation center, take a walk among Jeffery Bawa’s landscaped and manicured gardens.


Enjoy the joys of Scuba diving in Bentota


Are you one of those adventurous people who just cannot stop at doing nothing, then take the plunge into the blue seas and be an exploratory you. The best time to go scuba diving is during the months of May to November. This is one quest that you will enjoy once you dive in blue waters and experience the beautiful coral reefs and color fish.  Who knows, maybe you will get to hobnob with a gigantic whale on one end of this gorgeous, seascapes of Scuba diving in Bentota.


Go and join the Snorkeling in Bentota


Go and snorkel around the coral reef and get to see the stunning coral reef in real as you dive among the kaleidoscope of colorful fish and dazzling corals you will get to see flora and fauna which is one of Sri Lanka’s best underwater scenes to be expected

No need to dive deep, there is a location very close to shore that is not too deep and you can get to see the blue waters and mesmerizing fish and coral, the magic of the underwater sea world awaits you.

Get to see 50-60 varieties of coral and 150 species of fish! Take pictures galore of your memorable holiday of a lifetime, Snorkeling in Bentota


Take the challenge, and go fly like a bird


Love to spread your human wings, and feel like a bird soaring up and away? Then, this exciting activity is for you. Glide up, with this amazing little machine and feel like a bird as you try out Paramotoring Bentota Beach.

This motor machine will help you to fly and glide smoothly to wherever you want to go for about 20 minutes to half an hour, until the oil tank is over! All you need is a nice sunny smooth day with just the right amount of wind and speed for you to fly up. Get to see an amazing beauty of the beaches and seas from this bird’s eye view.

Instructors will be there to help you get the hang of this machine before you take flight up and away. This is a challenge for the brave at heart. So do not try it, if you are scared of heights.