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ARUGAM BAY - Travellingpath.com

Arugam Bay – Destination to experience super trouper surf waves


The pearl of the Indian Ocean in the silky road, Ceylon is one of the most beautiful destinations for a traveler. The treasure of beauty resides in its serene natural sceneries. If you ever want to experience the beauty of magnificent surf waves, you definitely should visit Arugam Bay which is located in Pottuvil, Ampara district in south-east coast. Actually; it is almost 314 kilometers away from Colombo, a long but wonderful journey of almost seven hours in A4 road. The breeze and beautiful waves in the golden beach will take away all your tiredness you experienced in your drive.

This tourist attractor’s surf waved can be experienced throughout the year. The destination has developed over the years with accommodation facilities, activities, entertainment and many more. It gives an immense joy to pen a few words of this beach, waves and murmur to make you fall in love with this charmer.


Arugam Bay – Accommodation and facilities


Having a calm environment to relax closer to this destination is vital for a traveler to enjoy the place. The accommodation facilities are developed in the area over the years. There are many that you can choose to visit. You can always get the rooms reserved to suit your budget and purpose. In addition, the rates are considerably at an affordable level. On a very special note Arugam bay hotels have received very good reviews and ratings from their guests. You can always surf the web to get a better idea and be confident before choosing an accommodation facility.

A few of the facilities are, Bay vista, Cresent Bay Beach Hotel, Beach cab resort, Kottukal Beach hotel by Jetwing, The Blue Waves hotel. Most of the hotels and other facilities are well organized, comfortable, and attractive and offers you varieties of delicious food to enjoy your stay. You can always find more details on the facilitator’s web sites and book them online! To make it more interesting please do watch out for amazing offers while reserving your place.


Seasons in the sun


Sri Lanka being a tropical country we experience many sunny days throughout the year. That is something interesting for a beach lover! Since the area does not experience a heavy rainy seasons during monsoon the beach seems to be dryer than that of other similar destinations. However, the best period to visit this place is during April to October. If you are willing to experience surf waves from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters. This is the Arugam Bay season to keep track on. Off-season is from the mid of November to February. Still you can visit the place. Only drawback during the off-season is you might not be able to experience the super surf waves. Nevertheless, for a beginner you can always try it even during this period.




The ambience at Arugam Bay Nightlife is relaxing after an entire day spent on the waves and hot sand. The entrance of many little passing carts with those street foods is great. Flickering lights at night, the city gets lighten up and you can experience the aroma of delicious food. However, if you are interested in tasting many international cuisines you can still visit a hotel to experience the continental menu.


It is Party Time!


Parties that many enjoy despite their origins and nationalities can be experienced at Arugam Bay beach parties. A nice tune is all you need to dance and twist while enjoying under a starry sky above the waves. If you want to experience dance until sunrise, Mambo’s weekly party is waiting for you.

If you ever wanted to capture beautiful sceneries and sometimes a crocodile posing for a picture, then Panama tank is the place for you. Further, you can plan a safari in Kumana National park or Yala national park to see birds, elephants and sometime a leopard. If you ever need to bring peace to your mind, you should not forget to visit these two beautiful temples. They are Muhudu maha viharaya and Magul Maha viharaya as a side trip from Arugam Bay.


Winding up…


Feeling the real extravaganza in this beautiful bay is a lifetime experience. This is to be feeling at real time, which is beyond the explanation in written words. Arugam Bay is the place to spend and feel the real sense of experiencing a bay day amidst the super trouper surf waves.