Heavenly Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka – A sacred destination


To describe this awesome mountain, in short, it is Sri Lanka’s stairway to heaven. This is one of the 2nd largest mountains in Sri Lanka. Rising tall among the swirling mists and green forests to a stunning 2,243 meters in height, it is the most imposing mountain in Sri Lanka. This mount peak can be seen far and wide. This is also called ‘Sri Pada’ meaning ‘the sacred footprint’ of Lord Buddha.

Buddhists believe that atop this mountain is the niche or footprint of the Buddha when he visited Sri Lanka. As such, this mountain is considered to be very hallowed and worshipped by all Buddhists. Likewise, Christians and Muslims consider it to be Adam’s footprint, they believe, that he too visited this mountainside. While the Hindus, consider the footprint as Lord Shiva. So, you see, this sacred mountain has religious significance to every religion.

This peak top can be reached by so many roadways and pathways. If you are traveling from Colombo you can always take a bus or train to Hatton, and once there, you can hire a tuk-tuk from the town of Dalhousie village or town, and then it is just a matter of climbing up this mountain. The uphill climb is difficult if you are not fit to climb. For those who are super fit and healthy, it will not be that much of a hassle going up. Going up is about 7 kilometers. There are concrete and huge boulder steps to climb which are about 7000 steps in all. An iron railing is fitted on either side to help you rest and climb or lean for support.

The best hours to climb is when the sun has gone down and in the wee night hours when the air is much cooler, and pleasant to climb. Do not climb in the hot sun, try avoiding these times. You will be able to reach its peak in about 6 to 7 hours depending on your agility and if there are no other pilgrims and crowds the accent will be much quicker. Besides you must strive to reach its peak before dawn, or just as dawn opens its heavenly colors in purples and blues and bursts into a sunny red glow, when the sun rises up, bathing the surrounding area in magnificent colors.  Once up you are in heaven, there is the wind, so hold on to whatever supports there are, as you climb higher and higher the winds get strong.

The best time of the season for climbing this holy mountain is between May to December. The air is cool and quite cold as you rise to the top. Remember to wear warm clothing and keep yourself well covered; also a good pair of walking shoes will help as well.

You can rest on the way, up on the hill, are plenty of wayside shops selling water bottles, food, and drink, hot drinks, tea coffee. Rest and have a bite to eat and then resume your climbing. The staff at these wayside boutiques are quite expensive, so if you can carry a bottle of water it is fine, but otherwise, if you run into an emergency, have no fears as everything is available for your care and comfort. You can even rest in one of the resting abodes that are provided here and there along the way.

Once you climb up you will be rewarded with the utter beauty of its great height, its stunning scenic surroundings, and be awed at the enormous footprint that you see on its summit. There is a small monastery here where there will be a Buddhist monk who stands as the lone sentinel and guardian of this great holy mountain site.


Sri Pada Hotels


There are many large and small hotels, guest houses, budget hotels all close to the sacred mountainside. You can take your pick on whether you want something small or big or with all the comforts you need. One such hotel is the Lavendra Guest Hotel just adjacent to the mountain. This guest house is equipped with wifi and other facilities along with a big garden, of the beautiful forests and mountain area.

Then about 2.5 kilometers away is the fabulous Hotel Subash with all facilities and amenities for your convenience. You can expect to have a daily continental breakfast here. A comfy room, bath, and toilet are provided, along with a good view of the mountainside.

Next is the gorgeous Vegetable Garden Hotel, another delightful little hotel with access to the internet and within close proximity to Sri Pada, which is less than 1 kilometer away. Relax in this gorgeous vegetable garden. A separate terraced garden is also available for your relaxing moments with a hot cup of tea to keep you warm from the cold mountain air. An Asian breakfast will be served here daily.

This is a well-liked hotel with good reviews, because of its value for money concept when one compares with other hotels. This is definitely worth checking out.

The next hotel is which one I love as it is pet friendly. How super cool, can this be when you can bring in your pet and not be worried while you trek up the mountain, and know that your pet will safe and sound in this marvelous White House Adam’s Peak Hotel which is very close to the mountain. Here you can have your meals at the restaurant. All amenities like wifi TV, toilet, hot tub, are included in this package. If you want a room with a private balcony to a perfect view, you can choose to book one of these rooms. It is also within easy access to the ATM close by.

These are some of the very best hotels you can expect to get when on holiday at Adam’s Peak Sri Pada Hotels.


At your services, Sri Padaya – Google Map


Have no fears of getting lost on the mountainside. There are plenty of people about, besides, you can always download the Google map for Sri Padaya and find your way about. Direct access is freely available on your mobile, tablet, or computer. Just open the application and type your location and you can then pin it on your map, and find easy ways to navigate your trail along the roads and pathways.

Google maps are easy to read and navigate and find your destination in a matter of seconds. Pin a location or share on your favorite site map or website. Let your family and friends know where you are traveling.