Wood Carving Industry in Sri Lanka

It is mentioned that carving of wood in Sri Lanka started a very long time ago. It was during the time when Buddhism was first introduced to the island by Reverend Mahinda. When he came here, he was also accompanied by an entourage of 18 cast members, and one of them was a wood craftsman. So from that day onwards to date timber carving has been in our culture and Buddhist custom

Ample proof of this is seen from the old temples and monasteries that you see in the island. You may have already visited these sites on your tour to Sri Lanka. A lot of work and skill of craftsmanship is seen in some of these temples done so carefully and painstakingly to bring out this exquisite work of art. The beauty of these magnificent carvings is on Wall murals, pillars, and wooden beams on the ceiling and rafters. There are drawings of lotus flowers and elephants and traditional style designs all depicted in wood. The carvings that were done in ancient times have stood its test of time until this day. Seeing believes of this astounding work of drawing on wood.

Let us discuss about the wood carving Industry in Sri Lanka in detail here onwards.

Wood Carving Industry in Sri Lanka


History of wood carvings in Sri Lanka…

You can also see this work of skill in old walauwwa type homes too. These are the big houses where the trim is carved into delicate lace work, flowers, and leaves. The window grills with intricate carvings of designs and patterns relevant throughout that period/time.


Wooden Elephant Sri Lanka

Every tourist that visits Sri Lanka is in love with the majestic and beautiful elephant, and they will not fail to carry with them a small souvenir of an elephant back home. This is where the wood carvings come in. The wooden elephant is part of our culture and amazing heritage. These beautifully carved elephants come in striking designs and poses. They are lovingly smoothed and lacquered according to its wood. On the other hand; they come in various sizes from small to medium and large and huge massive ones too.

The most sought after wooden elephant is the black ebony elephant that stands majestically gleaming in its shiny black wood. It is just made as a sculptor of a wooden elephant ornament, or book ends, or shaped into vases or table and mantle ornaments and various types of woods are used to carve out these magnificent animals. The most expensive being the black ebony wooden crafts.

You can find these wooden carvings in any reputed tourist shop, the famous being the government owned Laksala center. Here you can buy a wooden elephant which will cost you a few bucks. Some elephants are magnificently decorated with beads and ornaments to depict the elephant as an Esela Perahera elephant. Some are beautifully painted, these can be bought for a nominal price Wooden Elephant Sri Lanka so don’t forget to grab onto a wooden elephant for your souvenir collection or gift for someone back home. They will simply love it.

Wooden Elephant Sri Lanka


Visit Oak Ray wood carving Sri Lanka

This is one of the best Arts and Crafts Centers in the country. They have spread their wings in Kandy, Sigiriya, Matara, Galle, Colombo etc. these wood carvings are masterpieces of carvings done by professional craftsman.

You can buy anything from this shop.  If it is a large item be assured that they will do all the needful of shipping it back to your country. They will dutifully handle all the red tape and you can relax stress free until it reaches your destination way back home. For larger wooden items of ebony permission has to be sought from the National Craft Council.

Do not worry!

Oak Ray will be at your services and handle all shipping authority for sending these items.

They will carefully handle and pack your precious cargo and you will be surprised at how soon you will receive it.

wood carving Sri Lanka