Whale watching in Sri Lanka

This is one of the most phenomenal features you will get to experience and ever get to see. It will be a dream come true to get to witness these magnificent creatures of the sea, up-close, which you will only get to see in droves in the tropics of Sri Lanka, the island in the Indian Ocean.

Believe it or not, whales and dolphins are a galore if you visit during the season and the correct months to witness these giants and the docile and sweet dolphins. This is truly a must see tour, that should be on your bucket list!

There are many whales to be seen like the blue whale, sperm whale, fin whale, bridal whale, in Sri Lankan waters.

There are many a tour operators who will take you on these sea excursions. One thing however, that you must remember is, that you should chose the best and experienced tour guide and boat to go with. The Sri Lanka Navy crew is the best for reliability and their reputation of being careful and respectful to this massive creature as they are the best professionals of the sea and its mammals.

Whale watching is done in Mirissa, Kalpitiya, Trincomalee,and Galle. The best times would be in the months of November, to April. Mirissa is the best place to watch these gigantic creatures which come in shoals. You can also get to see them in the Trincomalee seas during the months of May to October in Whale Watching in Sri Lanka.

Whale watching in Sri Lanka


A lifetime experience in Whale watching!

Book in time and in advance your tickets. Contact your tour operator or hotel and ask them for the best months and times for seeing them. Reserve your seats early to avoid disappointment.

There are many large boats that will take you on these exciting trips. Professionals and the expert crews who row these boats, not too close, in order to endanger these mammals of the sea, and yet for you to get the best spot of seeing them up-close and front.

Be awed, at these gigantic creatures!

Usually the departure time is very early. Be well prepared before time and be at the picking up point at the Mirissa harbor. They should start about 7.00 am in the mornings. If you are at a hotel close by your hotel vehicle will drop you at the starting point. The tour will be for about 3 to 5 hours duration, where you will be dropped off at your starting point and where you will be again picked up and taken to your hotel, or maybe if you want to go elsewhere for some sightseeing tour, the hotel will arrange for this as well.  It all depends on which hotel you stay.

While you are on your whale watching tour, you will be given breakfast, water, tea or coffee and snacks, just sit back in your seat and enjoy the whales and dolphins and other creatures of the sea.


Join the Whale watching club, Mirissa!

Join the many people of the whale watching club in Mirissa, and have an enjoyable day tour. When you join with this club, you can be rest assured, of a fascinating trip with them, and guaranteed to see these beautiful creatures at large. The trip will start from the harbor of Mirissa on the dot at 7.00 a.m. you can bet your bottom dollar, to see lots of whales and dolphins which will be an added score!! Expect to see blue whales, sperm whales, bridal whales, and plenty of dolphin species all for your enjoyment.

You will get to see other marine life on this extraordinary club tour as well. Get to know the friendly crew who will be at your services at all times. Reserve your tickets early.

Whale watching club, Mirissa


Travel with the Princess Lanka!! And have a Whale of a time!!!

Expect to travel with the Sri Lanka Navy crew, an honor indeed!! Aboard the Princess Lanka, and be treated like a Princess! By the prestigious Navy crew team. The Navy team are experienced ‘sea dogs’ on Sri Lankan seas and have been going on these executions since 2011, starting from the port of the Galle harbor.

This fabulous cruise ship will take you on a trip of a life time with close encounters with these beautiful massive creatures of the vast ocean. This cruise is pure luxury traveling with the navy crew. They normally operate from the ports of Galle and Trincomalee during the months of November to April and May to October. Be ready to sample a meal of pure luxury.

Their warm hospitality to all passengers is beyond ‘Par excellence’ and the cruise ship is quite large. Expect to be dazzled with their true Sri Lankan hospitality and a life time experience with blue whales, sperm whales, with the Whale watching Navy.


You can whale watch at Kalpitiya too!

Kalpitiya is another place for whale watching too. In fact, whale watching began somewhere in the year 2010. And thus became a very popular spot for watching of the blue whales. So this too, is considered to be a very good location for watching them.

This is also another place that is well equipped to take passengers on their large boats. You can expect to see both whales and dolphins. The best thing about joining in one of their boats is that they take about 4-6 passengers, so you can expect to get a better view of the mammals when the boat is not loaded with a heap of tourists. This is indeed a novel experience.

A drink and snack will be served along with the safety equipment in whale watching Kalpitiya.


The beautiful season of whale watching

The best seasons are from November to April and May to October. So it is best that you chose the correct season and timing, for your lifetime experience of sighting them. Mirissa is one of the best places to watch these delightful giants spin and pivot just for your delight and enjoyment, not to mention the tons of photos you get to take, as they dive in and out with a huge spray of water squirting almost up to the skies with their gigantic dives into the sea Whale watching Season in Sri Lanka.


Can you swim with these gigantic creatures of the sea?

It is actually not allowed to swim with these mammals of the sea in Sri Lanka. However if you so wish to do so, you have to get permission and a permit. Swimming with these whales has to be done very quickly and on time, for one thing it is not wise to scare them off, so it has to be in a precise and timely manner with respect with whales. If you are lucky enough to do so, then it will be a feather in your cap, and a long lasting impact on achieving your dream which will be etched in your memory for a very long time. Swim with blue whales in Sri Lanka.

Whale watching


Go get to watch these magnificent creatures in Trincomalee too!

You get many spots in Trincomalee too for watching them. There are so many tour operators to choose from, for your exciting trip.

So why do you think it is so super special here?

That is because you will get to see these creatures up-close during the height of the season in May to March.

What more could you ask for at this beautiful picturesque seaside area in Sri Lanka?

You will get amazed with its beautiful beaches and gleaming blue waters!

Travel with friendly and reliable crew, what’s more you can get to see more sea creatures like dolphins and their friendly grins, dancing and singing in the waters, their acrobatic somersaults. A show especially put on for you by these sweet friendly critters of the ocean in Whale watching Sri Lanka Trincomalee.


Whale watching in Weligama

You can expect to choose to see these whales from any of the above spots you may want to go to, or may be wherever; you may be located in these areas. Join a group or book a private tour so that you can get the chance of seeing and enjoying them all to yourself.

The day starts off at Fisherman’s bay in Weligama. Your hotel can arrange this tour for you if you have not already booked for same. If you are not staying at a hotel you can always travel by vehicle, bus or train which will take about 5 hours to reach your destination stop.  Always be on time, so as not to miss the boat.  The tour will be about 3 to 5 hours duration.  You will be dropped at the harbor destination and you can take a vehicle or tuk-tuk back to your hotel or wherever you want to go to or may be another site seeing tour.

Remember to choose well trained professional tour guides or teams for your excursion that will respect the creatures of the sea at all times.