Seetha Amman Temple

The holy ground sits on the Nuwara Eliya road. It lies in the quaint little village of Seetha Eliya. This place is full with legendary stories and romance. The village and shrine got its name Seetha Eliya because Princess Seetha was captured by King Ravana and kept here at this spot. She waited long for her Knight in shining Amour, her husband Rama to rescue her in the famous story Ramayana.  Thus, homage is paid to the Seetha Amman Temple.

Seetha Amman Temple


Visit this beautiful picturesque looking village

You can tour around this temple.  Its structure is exquisitely built with ancient and intricate carvings of deities all around the temple. It is a work of art. The Hindu shrine can be seen from the main roadway and it is within easy access for worshipers and those who want to tour it. Standing guard at the entrance of the temple you will see several statues.

At the rear side there is river that flows, thought to be where Princess Seetha used to bathe during her capture as a prisoner. There is also a large boulder beyond the river in the forest, this where the Princess used to hide. The foot prints of the half human and half monkey Hanuman is also said to be close to the river side. It is believed that here was the place that he had a fight with the King Ravana, and helped rescue the Princess from her fate. Today Hanuman is worshiped and respected as a God at the Seetha Amman Temple.  

As you enter this holy place, you feel a strange presence of peace and strength, and it is fascinating to listen to the legend told by the priest of the temple.  You feel being transported back to those mystique days of time, as you look and ponder at the gigantic footprints believed to be that of lord Hanuman.

Lots of devotes and lay people come to this temple to make vows, it is believed.  Some devotees take a coin and wrap it in a piece of red cloth and hang it on a tree it may be an offering to Hanuman. Many pilgrims make offerings or poojas with lit incense and oil lamps and offerings of milk rice to the holy gods.

There is also an abundance of chattering monkeys to be found everywhere, and it reminds one whether they are the descendants of Hanuman, perhaps, may be watching over the pilgrims that come over to worship this holy site.

Seetha Amman Temple


Seetha Amman Temple dress code

When visiting or touring this holy place, bear in mind like all places of worship, it is advisable to dress decently when entering the temple.


Check the visiting hours at this temple

You can check with your hotel the opening times of this temple.  Normally temples are open by 7.00 a.m. in the morning and close at 7.00 p.m. there are no charges for tickets at this temple. You can walk in after the opening hours. Seetha Amman temple opening times always are respectful and careful when in a holy place of worship.