Ravana Cave

This is the story of the devil King Ravana who is believed to have kidnapped Lord Rama’s wife Seetha. She was captured and said to have been kept prisoner in this cave. That is how the cavern got its name. This dense forest hides this cave located in the Ella area. Many people come in search of this place because of its captivating story and legend.

Ravana Cave



Where is the Ravana cave located?

If you take a train from Colombo you can come in the train and get off at the small train station at Ella. Traveling by train will give you a chance to witness the beauty of the countryside and its little village town. Beautiful forest scenes and mountains will captivate your heart. The cave is easy to locate. It is very close to the town and little Adam’s peak. You can walk up to the place on foot; it is only about 2 kilometers from the town. After which there is a bit of climbing up to do to get to the cave which is a sort of huge boulder/cave. There are steps leading up to the hidden mystery, as you get closer it is a bit precarious so there is a hand railing to help you up and keep you from falling.

Ravana cave

It is quite easy to find as you will see a signboard pointing the way as you walk your way up.

The ticket price is about Rupees 150/= to enter. The Buddhist monk there will be happy to regale the story of Ramayana. Today Hindu people worship “Rama” as a deity in India and in Sri Lanka, for his courage and bravery.

Once you get up to the cave, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. The cave itself is said to be not all that large, and it is very dark as you go in further. It is always best to go in a group, for who knows according to legend, the devil himself is still supposed to roam the place. May be he is somewhere in the hidden tunnel.


Other places of interest

Once you get down from the seeing the cave you can make a detour to see the Ravana falls as well which is quite close to town. All these short trips could be done in a day.

However you might need a day to see the little Adam’s Peak.

little Adam’s Peak

There are quite a lot of little shops for you to stop and rest and have a cup of tea or may be something to eat. Take a bottle of water and wear something warm if you are walking up early in the morning.  By noon the heat will be on. Try to go early as this will enable you to roam and do a bit of exploring, before the crowd gathers.