A little bit about the Little Adam’s peak…

If you like to trudge, through mountains and trek up hill then you must think of going to Ella in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka. Here you can expect to tour many attractions like little Adam’s peak, a much smaller mount than the large sacred and holy mountain of Sri Pada. Once you get off the little quaint train station just follows your path towards the climb. It is just opposite the Ella rock.

So, if you can keep one day seeing the Ella rock, the next day you can hike up the Little Adams peak. While walking your way through to get there, on your way you can pass beautiful sceneries just like coming out from a book of art. You can expect to pass through tea bushes on plantation, view green paddy fields, and can observe some spectacular waterfalls nearby with their gurgling and bubbling sounds that will sooth your mind and body and you will fill exhilarated and strong to climb the small mount yonder.

If you are staying in a nearby hotel then you must be up by dawn and be ready to leave your hotel by 5 a.m. and do the trek. The mountain height is about 1140 ft in height.  Be well dressed for it is cold in the morning and misty; take a torch light, water and a bite to eat as well, once you feel hungry you can sit some place quiet and much on your breakfast while you watch the beautiful sunrise.  Once day light creeps in slowly you will see the day turn in from colors light blue and mauve to light yellow and orange which looks like a color palette splashed in the skies! A sight worth seeing with your own eyes.

Little Adam’s peak


The Ella Town-One of the breathtaking destinations close to the Little Adam’s Peak…

You get lots of little boutiques and quaint little guest houses that you can rent out for a couple of days, or for how long the duration of your holiday. When you are staying in one of these guest houses you can expect to see the morning tea pluckers go in for their work very early in the morning. You can sip a cup of steaming tea as you watch them at work, get to see a beautiful sunrise, hear the sounds of early morning birds and other far cries of animals in and around the surrounding mountains. The little town has its own little post office, so you can post some picture cards to your family at home. There is also a police station and the quaint little railway station, with its nice little blue color train chugging its way in with lots of locals and tourists wanting to visit Ella and its sights.


Making your way up the little Adams peak mountain

It is an easy trek if you are fit as a fiddle. Start the day very early.  Because as you ramble up the sun will get hot, so it is best to do your tour in the early hours of dawn. This will also help you to climb at ease without the hassle of other people going up and down, and will allow you to watch the scenes at your leisure. Going up is not all that difficult, there are steps to climb. The way on both sides is somewhat clear of over grown grass. Usually it take about 2 hours to get there but if there are lots of other people, then it sure will take about 4 hours. On your way expect to see the fascinating scenery and you may meet some animals on your path. Go quietly minding your own business then there won’t be any problems.

You will at the start of your walk pass a bottle green tea plantation and will be lucky to see in the early hours tea pickers, women in their gaily color sarees picking the tender leaves of the green leaves, throwing them into their baskets with apt skill. Stop and take a photo here, and may be a selfie. At the start of the walk you will come to a Buddha statue painted in white color, and many boards that will easily help show you the way.

Once you reach up the summit, you will be really glad that you made it, as you will be rewarded with the best possible 360 degree view of the surrounding mountain forests and lakes and waterfalls. It is a sight to behold, and you will feel on top of the planet or in this case top of the mountain!  Take plenty of shots for your treasured memories of a wonderful holiday in the Ella. Take note that there are no ticket charges up here! Getting down is fairly easy and take another two hours or so.

The places closes at 6.30 pm so do not get lost and return back to your haven of peace, safely and on time.

Little Adam’s  peak sri lanka


Other places of attractions around the Little Adam’s peak

While you are visiting here, you can also go see the Nine Arches Bridge which was built a very long time ago. You can still see trains running over this bridge; it is really a very pretty sight to see.

Other places are the Ravana falls, the bigger Sri Pada Mountain, Demodara railway station, and Buddhist temples.