Hakgala Botanical Garden

The coolest place to be right now, or if Nuwara Eliya is on your itinerary you are sure to visit this pleasure garden which is a must see.  #1 on your bucket list!  Nuwara Eliya is called the ‘Little England’ of Sri Lanka because of its old world charm, picturesque looking surroundings, and cold ambiance. So while you drink down the sights of this charming location – don’t forget to visit the Hakgala Botanical Garden which is on the same heavenly roadway through Nuwara Eliya and Badulla, and is about 16 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya to Hakgala Botanical garden location, standing since 1861.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

The most stunning place I have been to. When visiting this scenic landscape garden.  It’s a pleasant experience walking the vast gardens of fascinating plants and beautiful flowers, and well manicured lawns. It’s the beauty of the rose plants and flowers, the orchids that attract so many thousands of people to the garden every year- just like bees swarming around the pollen of the gorgeous flowers!!  It is a blissful heaven of its own.  Meander through flower arch ways, and walk away-trails, which open to more and more vistas of breath taking beauty of cascading flowers, decked in all its spring glory.

The best times to visit are during spring which is in April to August when spring has sprung, and the sun is out, and the climate is just about the right degree and super cool. The gardens are full with the sweet scent of blooms everywhere.  Avoid the month of December when it is beastly cold and is the winter season in Nuwara Eliya.  When I say winter, Sri Lanka does not have snow, but there is certainly the early morning dew and frost, covering every leaf and tree, and it is definitely, a cold season during the December-February months.  Besides the flowers won’t be in bloom and you will only get to see the gardeners sprucing up the gardens getting it ready for the Sri Lankan spring season.

Hakgala garden entrance


Come early to grab your tickets to the gardens

During the season time which starts in April, the place is full to its capacity so I suggest that you go early and be the first to enter. Hakgala Botanical garden tickets are priced at about Rs.1100/= for foreign nationals.  Please note that there are no shops or restaurants inside for you to buy any grub or water.  Remember to buy it from outside when coming down towards the gardens. There are a number of shops in plentiful in the vicinity. The Hakgala botanical garden opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily.

Since walking the gardens is a bit tiring, as the place is huge and an immense area to take in, I would suggest that you get into one of the caddy’s that are on the grounds which could be hired at a nominal rate.  Because it’s the holiday season when everyone is in a jolly mood, the place is very much crowded, so if you want some peace and quiet to drink in the beautiful nature and its surroundings and tranquility and to listen to the various bird sounds then visiting on a week day is a bit quiet.

Hakgala Botanical

It is estimated that about 500,000 people visit the gardens annually. At the entrance to the gardens just outside, there are pony rides for children so you could indulge your kids on one of these brief rides trot trotting away, to the delightful squeals and laughter, and have a fun and enjoyable day at the gardens. What better way to end a delightful day at the Hakgala garden entrance.