The Magnificent Gem and Jewelry Industry

Sri Lanka is well known for the large amount precious items available in the country. Precious stones take one of the top places in that list. They have been sought after since ancient times, and as far back as 3000 years ago. So, we are not new to this industry since it has been up and about since the ancient times. These are bought by the Indian Maharajahs, Royalty, the rich and famous, and Kings and Queens have worn this jewelry since ancient time. People from as far as the East and Arabian countries have been our best source of buyers. Gems in short is this Island’s best source of economy Gem and Jewelry Industry in Sri Lanka.

Gem and Jewelry Industry in Sri Lanka

Amazing gems in Sri Lanka and their prices

Sri Lanka’s most popular and sought-after types of stones are the Blue Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Rubies and Garnet, Amethysts. The blue sapphire is a stunning dark blackish mineral rich in color, you get blue stones of lighter and mid colors too.

The Blue Sapphire – prices can vary – from Rs.10, 000/- US$ 7.000

Garnet – Rs.7, 000 – US$5,000.00

Rubies – US$ 10,000 to 18,000$

Alexandrite – 15,000/- per carat could go up to 50,000/-US$ or even more

Star stone- Rs.500/- US$26

Chrysoberyl – US $ 1750/= carat $11375/=

Cat’s eye – 1300/= per carat 22,000/= rupees Indian

Quartz – US $ 75-1750/=

Amethyst – 4 – $ US

Aquamarine – $ 100/= to 250/= US$

Garnet – 2,000 – 7,000/= US$

Moonstone – 10 US$ per carat

These precious stones are valued according to shape and size.  If the stone is clear cut and smooth, without any dents, it is of good quality. Gems in Sri Lanka with prices


Are Diamonds a girl’s best friend?

A superbly polished and cut diamond can cost the earth moon and stars. One of the very best stones and sought after by the rich and famous is the diamond. Diamonds are also exported abroad. The diamond has forever been a girl’s favorite friend among all the other available types. They are a very popular type that is used for celebration of engagements and weddings; it is a stone adorned among all its jewelry and is the best class of stone.

Sri Lanka can handle the process of cutting and polishing the diamond to perfection. Those who deal in this industry have the necessary equipment to handle in the art of diamond cutting and polishing. There is several diamond cutting factories that are equipped to handle this most precious stone. Sri Lanka has also gained quite a name and reputation for the cutting and polishing of diamonds. The cutting and the shaping are the most important aspect of a diamond. This will be more valuable as its exquisiteness is just as significant for its value. The cost of a good diamond stone of very good value and of high class of 1 carat should cost about US$4,000 – US$6000 diamond prices in Sri Lanka.



Gem City Rathnapura – Gem dealers in Rathnapura

Rathnapura is known as the gem city of Sri Lanka. Many merchants of this trade are from this city that deal in this business and are highly sought after, both by locals and tourists.  There is also the Gem and Jewelry Authority in Colombo who takes care of all the types of special stones in the country.

The following are just a handful of the merchants in the Rathnapura district who deal in mining, selling, and exporting of quality items.

If you are travelling to Rathnapura to see the sights, stop by at the shady Bo tree which is known to be a popular location of traders in this industry. It is located in the Rathnapura main town. Here is the place where all the traders gather with their precious cargo of items.

It is near the clock tower. It is noted that this is the largest open-air market for selling of gems stones. The place is packed to capacity with the merchants trying to sell their perfect stones. Here you will get to see the colorful, and eye catching, mesmerizing and mysterious stones in all their precious glory from blue sapphires, rubies and garnets it is like finding a treasure trove of cascading gems. You can also travel to town and watch how a stone is being cut and polished at a lapidary. It is indeed very fascinating to watch a precious stone being cut and polished to perfection and precision.


Gem dealers in Rathnapura

Gem Merchants A4 Rathnapura

Sampath Gems Rathnapura

Sunshine Gems and Jewelers

Rohan Gems and Lapidary

Just to mention a few of the Gem Dealers in Rathnapura

Gem dealers in Rathnapura


The perfect gift for your loved ones

Since you know exactly where to look for, you should definitely take a visit to this amazing city that sparkles just as this wonderful creation of the nature. There are many good sellers all over the island and this city is especially famous to have a whole lot of them. You can maybe gift one to your loved ones and look how they sparkle even more?