Gangaramaya Temple

Latter part of the 19th Century, Rev. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayak Thero laid the foundation of this temple. This is considered as one of the oldest historically valued Buddhist temples in Colombo, Sri Lanka. During the British governance in Ceylon, Gangaramaya temple imprinted the fact that we still have a strong religious foundation within us. The post generation theros, Rev. Devudara Sri Jinarathana Nayak thero and Rev. Devundara Jeerthi Sri Sumangala Jinarathana Vacissara thera developed this temple.

Over hundreds of years until now this iconic temple stand still with its spirituality, pride and as a cultural center. The grace in its architectural aspects reserves its historical values with a blend of other architectural designs. This attractive serene place is a place to spend a peaceful time enjoying the breeze from Beire Lake.

The uniqueness of this temple when compared to other historically valued temples has attracted many people. Sometime with special permission, weddings are held at this beautiful place to add a spiritual ambiance to a sacred bond. Nevertheless, this is one of the places that a camera lenses would fall in love to capture the pleasing environment. The architecture, the history has made this a landmark in Colombo.

Gangaramaya Temple


How to reach to Gangaramaya Temple?

This temple is situated in the address 61, Sri Jinarathana road, Colombo 00200. This is in the heart of the main city in Sri Lanka, Colombo. Even though this is in a city of western cultural adoption is higher than other cities in the country, Gangaramaya Temple dress code is there to protect the simplicity and its spiritual value. As for any other temple, it is requested to wear dresses, which falls below your knees like long pants, bottoms or long skirts. Long or short sleeve tops are allowed but not sleeveless tops. This is not merely a requirement of the temple, but a responsibility of its visitors to respect its atmosphere. A simple and decent dress will always will give you self to be peaceful eliminating unnecessary stress.


The architecture

Gangaramaya Temple is a place where you can see different architectural aspects and cultural implementations. This design is a collection of Sri Lankan, Indian, Thailand and Chinese architectural views and features. A visitor, a traveler can amazingly feel the elegance, pleasure of seen a handful of different design views at a serene environment. The water of Beire Lake all around the temple premises has contributed immensely to reserve its purity, serenity and uniqueness.

Gangaramaya Temple


The Elephants

The elephants hold a very special place in the religious cultural events in Sri Lanka. The pride and beauty of elephant is mostly seen during pageants, the peraharas. The Navam maha perahara during the poya in the month of February is one of the main events with a blend of cultural aspects. The carrying of the golden casket is the most precious moment to feel and see. The tusker, a Gangaramaya Temple Elephant is adorning elegantly to enhance the pride, beauty and importance. Along with him, there are hundreds of elephants in the procession with many traditional dancers, firecrackers and drummers. The uniqueness of this perahara is that this is led by the procession of bhikkus.


When can you visit the temple?

The Gangaramaya Temple opening hours are from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. Visitors are welcome to visit this place within these period to experience the value of the place. Early in the morning or at the latter in the evening will definitely add the calmness and purity to a soul rather than being under a sunny sun. The devotees can worship to their heart’s content for the inner peace.

Gangaramaya Temple colombo


Winding up…

A historical temple to enhance the elegance of the spirituality, the pride of being a center for cultural events and a place for learning is necessary visit place in the country. The social services that it undertakes throughout the year to develop spirituality, educational, health and economical aspects are commendable. Anyone who is in support of this purpose can donate to serve the cause. The spectacular value and view of this temple indeed brighten the beauty of the cultural union through discipline and spirituality. Gangaramaya Temple is a legacy holding its pride for over hundreds of years.