Fish Spa Sri Lanka

So, now we can experience the luxury of having fish nibble at our toes! Besides the tons of fun we can have with our feet dangling in a stream full of fish munching away at our feet. It is said to be very therapeutic and healing besides getting a good exfoliate of the old skin on our feet.

Fish Spa Sri Lanka


So, what happens at a fish pedicure?

It is said that when we put our feet in a tank full of fish, there is a good health benefit which will increase our blood flow. Eliminate the germs and odor that we carry in our feet can magically be dipped into these fishy waters of health. The fish have been named as “doctor fish” or “garra rufa fish”, which can be good to have this kind of fish pedicure.

It has been found that when the fish nibble at our feet and toes, you get instant relief to your feet. And if you have a skin ailment this too can be healed including eczema and psoriasis. When this healing treatment is performed frequently, it can be very therapeutic to the skin. Once this fish pedicure started, the craze went to the rest of the world

The fish are put in separate tanks for each customer to have dip in the tank and get relief for tired and aching feet. This is called a footbath and there can be lots of fish in each tank or footbath.

There are no fears that the fish can bite harm you, as these fish have no teeth, just the nibble on your feet makes it feel ticklish but good.

Fish in fish spa

Where do these fish come from?

These fish originated from Turkey, Iran, Iraqi, Syria and the Middle East. The fish is called the Garra rufa. It can eat dead human flesh, and nibble live human skin, yet without the person being bitten. And so now we have it in Sri Lanka too. Isn’t that quite fascinating?

This latest madness originated somewhere in Turkey and gradually spread worldwide to Asian countries as well as to the US. Although it is being practiced in almost all the countries, some have banned the use of fish pedicure as some believe that the fish can be dangerous if the teeth bite onto a skin. This can cause infection and may be disease, and contamination of water. So it is still up for debates in some countries.


Do these fish spas really work?

You need lots of this kind fish for it to really work miracles on your foot spa, each tank is filled with warm water and about 200 fish to snack at your toes, feet and legs. They will chew at the dead skin on your feet. Women love to have this kind of pedicure at the spa.

fish spas


Fish Therapy benefits

The benefit of having a fish therapy is that you can improve your blood circulating in your body. It can also improve your feet off any skin ailment. You will get a good complexion with constant use of a fish pedicure. In short it is considered to be a very good medicine provided by nature.

Is it good having these fish eat at your feet? Some say it is very good and considered healthy. But there yet the others who skeptical and are not sure about doing fish pedicures, as they say that there may be bacteria in the fish which has already nibbled at some other feet, hence there may be some danger in it.

So it will be up to you to decide whether or not you want a fishy pedicure or not!