Elephant back Safari

Imagine clambering up that massive beast of the wilds! Something that you never dreamed possible to do. Once atop, you will get that euphoric feeling of being on top of the world or on top of these majestic animals of the forest. Ride these beasts of majesty through the woods, feel like an ancient Maharaja or King as you slowly plod and sway to the rhythm of the elephant’s gait.

Now, this can be a reality; you can enjoy the comfort of an elephant ride now available in Sri Lanka – A royal experience of a lifetime – A country that is famous for its large and majestic mammal on earth, considered to be the most beautiful and majestic animal to be found in Sri Lanka. Not only this, you can get to experience a better view of your surroundings and get to see more wildlife once you go on this ride.

These majestic creatures could be ridden atop in locations like Sigiriya. The ancient city, where the royal palace of the rock fortress stands, and where both King and beast ruled the country during our forefathers of a bygone era.

These animals are ridden along with its mahout mostly because only he knows the elephant language, and he is needed to control this giant. On to the elephant’s back is put a cane seat which can seat four to six people in a group on either side of the seat. There are rugs and cushions to make you feel more comfortable. When once you are helped up this animal’s back you will wonder if you had just succeeded and climbed Mount Everest or Piduruthalagala! That is because of its height. It weighs about 7500 kilos and a whopping height of about 9’! So once you start your journey, you have to be careful of tree branches etc., and remember to bend when you come through these objects.

Elephant back Safari


Elephant back Safari in Sigiriya – There are many elephant tours in Sri Lanka

You can take many tusker tours in Habarana, Sigiriya, Kadulla, and Trincomalee areas. Or you can opt-out of riding and get to know about this giant tusker, where there are day tours, organized for this sole purpose of learning about this animal, its habits and get to know it better, by feeding and bathing it in the river. There are also unique spa treatments for the elephant when in the stream, you can help to wash and scrub it down. Enjoy the feel of bathing this massive animal in the river.

After that, you can feed its breakfast or give it even a bottle of milk to drink. Get to know the mahout and the elephant language they speak to it. Get a chance and walk it down, to eat its treat of sugarcane and leaves. This is much better than riding it when you can take part in the day in a life spent with an elephant. After you finish your day with the large tusker, you can get to sample a proper traditional Sinhala meal with rice and cooked vegetable curries. A mahout will always be there to teach you about this giant and generally keep an eye on you and the majestic pachyderm!

This is a day tour that is available throughout the year. You can expect to be picked up at the Habarana junction to start on your tour. You will also be dropped back at your destination once the tour is over. It takes about 4 hours to spend with this gentle giant, and you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy this day with your new-found friend the elephant. Tuskers will give much joy and contentment that you were able to participate and spend a good day with this giant creature of the wilds.

Elephants in Sri Lanka have been part and parcel of ancient day Kings and Queens when they carried royalty on their back. They were also brought in for wars, worked the fields, toiled in the sun, pulled in logs, brought in blocks of concrete for building and did substantial work for the man in the olden days. It was generally in those days an everyday occurrence of this country’s heritage.

It would be sensible if you dressed in warm clothing if it is a gloomy and rainy day and more relaxed wear for the duration of the hot tropical sun. Take a pair of sunglasses, to avoid the intense rays on your face. Sun lotions would also be worthwhile to take to protect your skin from sunburn and mosquitoes bites etc. Being prepared is a must if you are going to engage in elephant tours in Sri Lanka.


Ride an elephant in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

Visiting Kandy on holiday, you must make a definite detour to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. There are many places in Pinnawala where you can get to ride an elephant and also book and organized because of the many hotels, guesthouses, rooms, budget hotels you can get for a nominal charge. There are many excursions here that you can take part in, watch the elephants go in for their daily morning swim.

You can request to ride an elephant from several places where these elephants are kept for tourism purposes. It will cost about Rs.2000/= for a ride. The duration of the ride will about half an hour when you will plod along the Pinnawala roadway and another private forest area in Pinnawala. Sometimes riding an elephant in this area, you may not get a good cane seat but to ride up to its back, so you may have to hold on to the elephant for dear life, in case you slip and fall! However two people are allowed to ride it, and sometimes a helper may also be behind you so you need have no fear of falling. If you want a photo taken, you can get one of the helpers to take a picture of you and the giant in Elephant rides in Pinnawala Sri Lanka.

Ride an elephant in Pinnawala


Take a safari ride in Minneriya


Holidaying in Minneriya?

Then the elephant safari is a must on your itinerary. The Minneriya National Park is the first-class place for a safari ride to watch the gigantic elephants and start your day with a safari ride. Be entranced and fascinated at these giants as they congregate at the waterhole for a drink of water and a chat which is their famous meeting place.

The best times for visiting will be during the hot and humid days in July to September.

Sometimes you can see as many as 300-500 elephants at one go when they come down to the river. Sometimes you can get to spot a lone elephant among the trees peeking at you with its rogue eyes, or they may even cross the road in groups to get to the other side. These creatures are massive in size and weigh about 7500 kilos and stand at a majestic and whopping height of about 9’ so taking this safari will be a great insight to watch up close and maybe study their habits and get to know more about them. Elephant Safari Sri Lanka Minneriya.


Habarana Elephant Tours in Sri Lanka


Habarana is about 210 kilometres from Colombo. It is a trendy destination for watching wildlife and elephants in their herds and gets a chance to ride some of them. Both the national parks in Minneriya and Kandulla are within proximity, and both locals and tourists made a beeline toward this popular destination to get a glimpse of these species of the wilds.

Because of the waterways and reservoirs in the area, you can expect to see lots of them come from the jungles to bathe and drink water. Sometimes you can see them splash about in the water and mud. You can join one of the rides or even join a tour group and go and learn about the elephant and its habits and habitat. These places are open the full year through, or take a tour with the giant and go down roadways and villages in style.


Sigiriya Elephant Safari


Located in Dambulla where the famous rock fortress stands like a beacon of light and sentinel and also a place for elephants. And just like in any other parts of the country you can expect to take a safari and watch them either, during the day or take a night safari into the forests. There are many places that will host you and take you on a midnight safari to spot these jumbos. The best people who know their nooks and hidey holes are the game wardens and guides. They will take you on an excellent ride and select the known spots to see these wild creatures, not just elephants but other wildlife as well.

Sigiriya Elephant Safari

It is always best to travel in a small group so that this will enable you to get a good spot in the safari and be able to take a lot of photos without the interference of a big group of people where there is no room with everyone vying for good spots and views with their cameras at Sigiriya Elephant Safari