Amazing Batik Industry in Sri Lanka

Have you ever gone or been down South, in Galle or Hikkaduwa, and noticed the vibrant and colorful batik clothing gaily flying in the wind down the cobbled streets of Galle. Have you ever wondered about that lovely striking black and white contemporary batik design on a saree that you would look great with a black jacket, visualizing yourself at the next big office event?  Yes, you could definitely go in for one of those gaily decorated and designed sarees, which will certainly make eyes, open at your beautiful saree.

Batik designing has been in Sri Lanka now for some time, though it is not that much publicized, but now getting heard down the grape wine.  There are many shops in the country that now sell batiks in all types of wear, and found in many tourist shopping malls.  There are even art wall hangings and wall mural all done in batik form-Batik Industry in Sri Lanka.

Batik Industry in Sri Lanka


So what is Batik?

Batik work is a certain technique done with a kind of wax resisting dye. This is applied to the cloth which is stretched in a large frame. The drawings are of dots and lines. The tool is like a spout dipped into a sort of water paint like solution and then drawn upon the cloth. However before this is done the cloth is soaked in a color and the wax is removed with hot water. This technique is repeated over and over again if a lot of colors are used on the cloth. Batik designing however originated in Indonesia, and it has come to stay in Sri Lanka and getting quite popular here as well. The batik is a colorful piece of material with a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and designs.


Get to know more about batiks by visiting a workshop!


Going along the Matara way – do not forget to drop in at the Batik workshop Sri Lanka. Here you will be able to gain a lot of helpful hints on the various techniques of batik designing.  It will be something new.  This is an experience of a lifetime, to learn something unique and informative. Call or book early for your class or individual class. You will also get the chance to make and design your own batik which is truly awesome, something that you can take back home and show the Michelangelo in you!! (Your batik making skills) to one and all! Think how proudly show of your batik making skills to your friends and family. The teaching staff is very kind and friendly, and the owner of the teaching school is extremely helpful too.


Do not forget to visit the Sri Lanka Wattala Batik factory!

You will definitely go nuts seeing this place. You will want to stay back and watch them designing and processing the cloth, and finally turning that dull piece of grey cloth into something magical with their vibrant mixing of colors, and the artists super design work. Watch them design batik with the stroke of a pen or sprout like pen, it is indeed a work of art at the Sri Lanka Wattala Batik factory.

Batik factory


Go check out the online batik shops!

If you prefer to shop in peace and quiet, and in the comfort of your hotel, home or getaway, there are many online shops that you can cruise along on the internet. You can choose among many delightful pieces, as there is a wide selection of beautiful ware.  So whether you are looking for a pretty dress, a wrap around skirt, kaftans, midi dresses, shorts, shirts, sarees, you name it they have it all in beautiful designs and colors.  The prices are also quite reasonably priced. You can pay by US currency or Sri Lankan Rupees. Buy Sri Lankan Batiks online.


Dress up in a traditional Sri Lankan saree! – Sri Lankan Batik Saree designs

Don’t you just love all those beautifully designed batik sarees that you find on an exquisite Sri Lankan mannequin?  Would you love the chance of dressing up in the Sri Lankan style attire? These sarees come in cotton which is very appropriate wear in tropical countries. The saree is the most beautiful attire which makes a woman so graceful.


An overview of our very own batik clothing

There are many tourist shops in the Island selling Sri Lankan Batik clothing one such shop is the famous Buddhi Batiks, which shop has been in this country since the 1970s and come down from a generation of well known family. There workshop and factory is at Koswadiya. Here they teach the basics of batik making to the younger generation.  They design their own patterns, creating magnificent designs which are one of a kind that is Buddhi Batiks.  They cater to all batiks in dresses, sarees, shirts, sarongs, etc.  Their shop location is down Ward Place Colombo 7 where the cream of Colombo shops!

Batik Cloths


Swanee Jayawardene is one other shop located down the Stratford Avenue in Kirulapone.  The name of the shop is Gandhara Batik shop. This shop is your one stop shop for all your batiks. Ms. Jayawardene is the owner of this shop and she has a quintessential way of designing her clothes, you can shop here in comfort and find what you like.

Laksala is the government owned shopping mall where everything is less than one roof for all tourists.  You can get whatever you want to take back home.  Batiks are in plentiful here.

Do not forget to drop in here, as this is the most popular and famous shop since the late 1960’s for Sri Lankan Batik clothing


Looking for that fabulous Sri Lanka batik shirts and sarong?

The batik shirt and sarong are found in all the above mentioned tourist shops in Sri Lanka. These shirts can be a bit pricy, but they are good value for money, and who would not want to wear one of these gorgeous shirts and sarongs at a gala evening at the hotel.

You can also order online from or for both shirt and sarong. They have a gigantic collection of men’s batik wear including Sri Lanka Batik Sarong.